There are a lot of crazy people that do unusual stuff to be in the news or showcase their talent in the front of the world. The Guinness world record book is an excellent resource to find outstanding records.

Some smart designers and engineers have added unusual hardware or software modules in cell phones to make them unique. These devices give you a glimpse of what future smartphones will be like.

Below, you’ll find a list of unique mobiles that have unbelievable features:

Cat S60

In the future, phones will be much more capable than what they’re today. Caterpillar Inc, a US-based company, has revealed the details of its S60 handset which comes with a powerful thermal imaging sensor.

CAT S60’s sensor can identify and make you aware of the faulty equipment in a room filled with smoke. This feature will be immensely useful for the people working in the fire department as they won’t have to spend a lot of time in identifying the source of fire for preventing further damages. Thus, S60 is an excellent alternative to smoke detectors.

The above-mentioned feature will work only within a 100 feet radius. CAT has labeled the S60 as the world’s first waterproof phone. S60 will be functional even if the phone is immersed in water at a depth of 16 to 17 feet. When dropped in water, S60 should be removed within 60 minutes or else it will get bricked and become non-functional.

cat s60 : rugged phone with longest battery life

The CAT S60 is a rugged phone as its frame and cover have been built under the die casting process. It is MIL 810G certified device. Thus, it can withstand damages when dropped from a typical height of 1.8 meters.

CAT S60 comes with latest software and hardware. It has Snapdragon 617 SoC, 3GB RAM, and a large 3800 mAh battery. This phone offers top class audio experience, and it supports sound frequencies of up to 105 dB. It features Android 5.1 OS, CG4, and 4.7 inch IPS 720 pixels resolution display. It is an innovative device.

CAT S60 has a thermal imaging app to assist the 13.0 and 5.0 million pixel resolution cameras. Most rugged smartphones available in the markets have mediocre specs, but this is not the case with the latest device from Caterpillar INC.

CAT S60 will be sold for a 600 dollar price tag which makes it a highly affordable and an attractive device. Caterpillar INC has mentioned that the S60 phone will be unveiled at the MWC 2016.

Black Phone 2

Silent Circle had launched the black phone 2 to safeguard your privacy and stop hackers, government from eavesdropping on your online and offline activities. Black Phone 2 doesn’t have any particular hardware, but its software is powerful.

BP2 encrypts every bit of data saved on the phone. Decrypting the data will be a nearly impossible task for any expert or geek (unless Silent Circles shares the private key).

The Black Phone 2 runs on a heavily modified version of Android. It is optimized for maximum security of the user. It lacks annoying bloatware, spyware, viruses, and malware.

black phone 2 : unique mobiles with unusual features

Black Phone 2 has a peer to peer technology based Silent phone app that allows you to communicate with others over an encrypted channel. It identifies and prevents connection with unsafe wifi internet hotspots.

BP2 has the unique spaces feature that allows users to create up to 4 virtual phones. You can create a space for work, entertainment, fun, etc.

The Black Phone 2 can be easily controlled with advanced mobile device management frameworks like Citrix, SOTI, etc. The handset has a security center app with which you can easily configure the privacy for individual spaces.

When it comes to specs, BP2 offers 3GB RAM, a full HD display, 32 GB ROM, BSI 13.0 MP back camera, 3060 mAh capacity battery and Snapdragon 810 processor.

Is black phone 2 secure? It seems to be. The is a unique mobile which costs under 800 dollars. Visit Silent Circle to buy the Black Phone 2.


You may have read a lot of articles on water resistant and waterproof mobiles. If you drop these handsets in water, they’ll sink. The phone we’ve shared below is IPX7 certified, and it can also float on water. As Comet is a first of a kind mobile phone, its manufacturer has not shared the details on how the phone manages to float.

Comet uses military-grade encryption that takes care of your privacy. Data is encrypted with a 256 bits algorithm. The Comet phone comes with an app that establishes a peer to peer communication channel when the user desires to chat with another user.

comet phone floating on water

The handset comes with a biometric sensor. When the user places his finger on it, the sensor will detect the body temperature after which the phone will try to determine the mood of the user.

Imagine, you’ve taken Comet phone with you to a nearby pond, lake or at the beach. While fishing, swimming or boating, if the phone accidentally slips from your hand and falls in the water, you won’t have to dive into the lake to get your device back. You just have to wait for the phone to appear on the surface of the water. When you find the device floating, you can easily fish it out.

The handset features 4GB RAM, Octa-core processor, and dual 16 MP OIS cameras. It includes Android Marshmallow operating system and a full high-definition 4.7 inches touchscreen display. Comet comes with a 2600 mAh battery.

Forget floating phone cases. The Comet phone will be launched this year for around 400 dollars. It will be available in 34, 64 and 128GB storage options. Check its full details here.

The above three unusual and unique mobiles support 4G-LTE wireless technology.


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