125cc segment bikes are usually priced at 35000 to 55000 Rs, and they’re very fuel-efficient. If your old bike is not delivering decent mileage, there’s no reason to waste your money further on it. You should sell it on OLX or Quikr.

In India, you’ll find plenty of 2 wheelers with a 125cc engine. Out of the many bikes, just a handful of them has managed to reach a sales figure of 500000 units or more. These two-wheelers are well-known as the best 125cc bikes in India. 

Our today’s article will make you aware of high-performance low budget two-wheelers with good mileage. The motorcycles you’ll find here are from the top 5 bike manufacturers of India.

Best 125cc bikes in India

Bajaj Discover 125 ST

bajaj discover 125 st | Top 7 Best 125cc bikes in India
Bajaj discover 125 st

Powered by an Air cooled twin spark 124.5cc four-valve engine, this Bajaj 125cc bike offers an excellent 13 PS of max power and 1.1 kg of max torque. Bajaj Discover 125 St delivers an impressive 54-65 KMPL on road mileage.

This bike can have top speeds of 125 kilometers per hour. With the Nitrox rear and telescopic front suspensions, this Bajaj bike comes with a digital CDI ignition system. It includes a 10 liters fuel tank.

Discover 125 ST comes with a constant mesh five-speed transmission system. The specifications of this two-wheeler are good. Hence, it has made it to our list of top 7 best 125cc bikes in India. Bajaj has launched the successor and the latest model of this bike in the form of Discover M.

This two-wheeler offers more mileage than its previous models.

Bajaj Discover 125 ST price in India: 53000 – 56000 Rupees.

Hero Super Splendor

Hero super splendor 125cc bikeMeet the newest member of splendor series of bikes from Hero Motorcorp.

The super splendor 2016 edition is a 125 cc segment bike with stylish design and a reliable 124.7 cc engine. This two-wheeler uses the same engine as the Hero Glamour Fi, i.e. the OHC 124.7 cc Air cooled engine.

Hero Motorcorp claims that its super splendor bike has a top speed of around 90 KMPH. Like the Glamour bike, this version of Splendor has 131 kilograms weight, 12V battery, and hydraulic suspension system. It has 13 liters fuel tank and an AMI ignition system.

Hero Splendor bikes are known for their excellent mileage. The SS 2016 will not disappoint you as it offers a mileage of around 70 KMPL.

Price: Within 53000 to 55000 Rs

Honda CB Shine

Honda CB Shine | Top 7 Best 125cc bikes in India
Honda CB Shine

A top bike in the 125cc segment, Honda CB Shine is equipped with an SI technology based air-cooled 124.7cc engine. This powerful engine churns out a max torque of 10.29 NM and a max power of around ten bhp. Shine is being sold with a kick and electric start options in the shades of black, white, red and brown colors.

This bike gives a 56 – 61 KMPL mileage. The Honda CB Shine has an 11 liters fuel tank capacity, spring-loaded hydraulic suspension at the back and telescopic front suspension. With four-speed transmission, this 125cc segment bike packs alloy wheels and is fitted with tubeless tires.

According to its manufacturer Honda, this vehicle has a top speed of 93 KMPH. CB shine is one of the top-selling bikes in India (125 cc segment). The killer features have made Shine one of the greatest two-wheeler.

Honda CB Shine price in India: 60000 – 68000 Rs.

TVS Phoenix

tvs phoenix 125 | Top 7 Best 125cc bikes in India
TVS Phoenix 125

This TVS bike comes with a 124.6cc engine that churns out 10.8 NM of torque and bhp. The engine of TVS Phoenix is fuel-efficient. This bike from TVS gives a decent mileage of 66 – 70 KMPL. It comes with alloy wheels and a 12 liters fuel tank. TVS Phoenix boasts a stylish body.

TVS Phoenix 125 price in India: 49500 – 54500 Rs.

Honda CB Shine SP (2017 Edition)

Honda CB Shine SP

Honda CB Shine SP is a stylish 124.7cc air-cooled engine equipped bike that features a viscous paper filter system. It supports electric and kick-start.

The bike ships with a tubeless rear and front tires. It features a front disk and rear drum brake. It provides a Hydraulic Spring loaded rear and front telescopic suspension. SP Shine has a 10.5 liters fuel tank and a diamond frame.

The Honda CB Shine SP bike packs a 12V battery and has a 12 Volt headlamp. It has 5 gears and can reach a maximum speed of 93 Kmph. The weight of the Honda 125cc bike is 123.1 kilograms. Its price is within 54000 to 68000 Rs. The bike offers a nice mileage of 65 Kmpl.

Hero Glamour Fi

Hero Glamour fiHero Glamour’s 124.8cc four strokes single cylinder OHC engine generates 9.10 PS of power at 7000 rpm along with 10.349 NM of torque at 4000 RPM. The Glamour Fi bike’s engine is air-cooled just like the above two bikes. The bike comes with a four-speed mesh transmission system and has a weight of around 131 kilograms.

Hero Glamour Fi comes with cast wheels (built with alloy), 12 volts battery and tubular chassis. It offers 50 – 60 KMPL of on-road mileage. With telescopic front suspension at the front, Hero Glamour Fi sports a spring hydraulic rear suspension. It is available in red, black and blue color options.

This bike has stunning looks and a good engine. You can use it in any place.

Hero Glamour Price in India: 55000 – 60000 Rs.

Bajaj V12

Bajaj V12

V12 is a 125cc segment bike built with the metal of India’s deadly carrier of the 1990s, INS Vikrant.

V12 and V15 Bajaj bikes share the same design but their specifications are different. The bike packs a 124.89 cc engine and it has tube tires. It has 30 diameter front fork and 130mm front disk brake. The bike’s 125cc engine provides 11 Nm Torque at 5500 RPM. It is based on SOHC technology.

Bajaj V12 offers 35-Watt headlamp and it carries a 130mm rear disk brake. The bike’s length is same as that of Bajaj V15. Its price starts at Rs 57000. V12 offers an excellent mileage of 63 to 64 Kmpl.

Yamaha Saluto

Yamaha Saluto : Top 7 Best 125cc bikes in IndiaWhen we talk about 125cc segment bikes, a name like Yamaha cannot be ignored.

This bike delivers a max 8.29 PS of power at 7000 RPM and 10.1 NM of max torque. It is incorporated with a SOHC Air cooled four strokes two-valve engine. With a weight of around 111 kilograms, Yamaha Saluto comes with a four-speed transmission module. It features alloy wheels.

Yamaha Saluto has a top speed of 90 to 95 kilometers per hour. It gives an excellent mileage of 60 to 63 kilometers per liter. With such impressive mileage and specs, Saluto is undoubtedly one of the best 125cc bikes in India.

Yamaha Saluto Price in India: 52000 – 54000 Rs range.

Conclusion: TVS Phoenix, Hero Glamour F1, Splendour, Yamaha Saluto, Bajaj Discover ST, Honda Shine and its latest model (SP Shine) are the best 125cc bikes in India.


  1. बी एस पवार

    डिसकवर १२५ बहुत अच्छा माइलेज देती है।
    मजबूत बाइक है।

  2. Diganta

    I am really confused as to which 125cc bike should I go for? I need performance as well mileage. Please suggest.


    Bajaj Discover bike has good mileage. The only problem with it is its chain. Platina and CT100 ****

  4. jagdish

    I want to buy v12. Any suggestions.

  5. manish

    I want a bike with a good average for riding in the hilly area. I don’t like Honda shine. Which bike is suitable for mountain drive?

  6. vijay

    I want a 125cc bike with the best mileage, good performance and low maintenance. Please suggest.

  7. sridhar

    You should buy Yamaha Saluto 125. The bike is comfortable to ride. It has a good pickup and great mileage. Its engine’s performance is better than other bikes.

  8. Soham

    I ride super splendor at 80km/h. It is a good bike.

  9. siva

    Please suggest me a bike with good mileage and best road grip in 110cc segment.

  10. Arif

    Please tell me about hero super splendor 125cc (Engine condition, mileage). My height is 5.11, weight 70kgs, is it the best bike for me?

  11. Hitesh Sharma

    What about Suzuki Sling Shot? I have something to tell about this bike. I own the 2010 model Suzuki Sling Shot. The bike has run up to 35000 km till April 2017. It had delivered a mileage around 50-60 km/l. But this bike is now dead. Suzuki never updated the Slingshot. Hence, it died. So sad.

  12. Saikesava

    Very good bikes

  13. sunny

    I’m confused between honda shine 125cc, super splendor and bajaj discover 125 bikes. Which bike is the best among the three. Suggest me please

    • Aviraj Salokhe

      Go with Super Splendor, since last 4 years. I am using it in Pune. And till date it gives me more than 70 kmpl. Initially it was giving 82 kmpl. but then I was driving above 70 speed. so it reduced to 70 kmpl. I always do servicing from Authorised Service Station of Hero. Hence, Now I am again going to buy once again Hero bike.

  14. Bappa dutta

    I want to buy a good 125 cc bike..but I am very confused about it. Can anyone tell me that which bike is all-rounder?? which is the best motorcycle? Is the honda Livo a good bike???

  15. James Debbarma

    I have KTM Duke 390 ABS at 3.20 lakh and iam from tripura in agartala

  16. Inbarajan

    Please tell me about Honda Shine SP and it’s Gearbox and Chain bracket status and type.
    It is Overcome model of CB Shine????????

  17. Ramdas gatkal.

    Yamaha saluto is a great bike & 65 kmpl average.

  18. Abhinandan

    Me and my friend have all types of bike , my friend I gone to Missouri my uncle’s house a hilly area and high slopes new hero bike fails to move up. If you live in plain area then glamour and super slender is fine , but honda, yamaha engine is far better than others . Yamaha old engine are as smooth as new engine but costly parts honda have good resale value too + good engine , tvs is waste of money and if you only focus on milage go for bajaj give high returns if you are in sales job but after 5 years you cannot use bajaj bikes so much problem in engine . For a govt and Pvt employee go for honda. For speedy heroes go for yamaha and pulsar and for salesman ct100 or hero splendor plus. I have never seen a man selling yamaha bikes until u are unemployed. But glamor gives relax drive in plain 50km ride with good milage too , ( I only talked 100-150cc engine)

  19. Rupesh

    I’m going to buy Fzs
    Tall me about this bike

  20. Alagappan

    Wat abt hero ignitor????
    Can anyone give detailed review

  21. deepak

    bajaj discover is the good price at this price point, can reach 0-60kmph in less than 5 seconds

  22. SALMAN


  23. AVIK DAS

    In SHINE SP there are 5 gears and to my opinion it is the best 125 cc bike in India now..

  24. satish wagh

    Yamaha Saluto is best bike in 125 cc. Best price, great performance , millage and suspension.

  25. Ghanshyam

    I m using discover 100cc it has good mileage

  26. saurav

    is honda shine sp is different from cb shine 2015 model.i s there any changes in new model

    • Sujan

      Yes it’s the cb shine gets 4 speed gearbox and where the sp gets 5 speed gearbox

  27. heet

    how about super splendour

  28. Ashutosh

    Super Splendor is best bike

    • बी एस पवार

      Splendour is the worst bike. It has a low mileage and old looks.

  29. Ajay Singh

    Go for Yamaha Gladiator , best bike in its class. Those who want to purchase 125 CC bike should go for Gladiator without second thought.

  30. umar

    Guys plz tell me about saluto

  31. Uday

    I am dissatisfied with the Honda Shine which i am riding for more than a year. Not a good bike. Don’t like the engine which as per today’s standard may be outdated technology. Especially if riding for long hours it’s giving backpain. Earlier i had a Suzuki Samurai and then used to ride TVS Victor for sometime. In terms of comfort Victor ride is the best. Even after very long rides, one will never feel any pain and the comfort that it gives while riding speaks itself of the ergonomics of that bike. Today i am looking for a bike that can give the same ergonomics with all the features other modern bikes provide.

  32. Sumit Mahamuni

    I am using Shine since 1 year . It has nice pick up, power and comfort and smooth.

  33. y s rawat

    Bajaj discover 125cc is best . I went 370 km from 400 rupees petrol when it was around 68 rupee per litre

  34. Nikhil

    Hero glamour is the best bike
    I have hero glamour from 2 years and i have not any problem in it
    It never stops during drive and no engine vibration comfortable seat and good control and stylish look and i observed the top speed 127km/h
    So i suggest you to buy hero glamour

  35. Based on the all automobie internet site’s reviews ” Hero glamour PGM FI” 125cc bike is best to buy for stylish and mileage looking bike riders…
    Hero is hero !!!

  36. vinay chauhan

    Plz tell me about honda twister bike

    • t. sujan

      honda twister comes with a good engine based on the hero ignitor its the best bike it gives the all new 110 cc motor cycle

  37. kishan kumar

    which one is better, hero glamour or yamaha saluto

    • Abhinandan

      Hero bikes engine is not so good as compare to Honda , Suzuki or Yamaha engine . Yes it give good milage parts easily available. I suggest if you live on hilly area or for long drive don’t use this bike go for honda shine if 125 cc ,

  38. Gurudev Bhoi

    Honda cb shine so is quite good…with 5 speed gears

  39. Rajesh

    i wont a bike 125cc, pls tell me which is tha best.

  40. Rao

    Honda CBshine Vs Hero Glamour ?? Which is better ??

    • t. sujan

      take honda shine sp it have 5 speed transmission and 65 kmpl and it have a long seat to be seated with your family where does not get like this transmission it have only 4 speed transmission and it doesnt have big seat and the shine is solid and powerfull it have another feature thats called is it have viscous air filter that have to change in 10000 kms but glamor gets normal airfilter you get the service in 3800kms only isuggest the honda shine because no 1 selling 125 cc bike in india

  41. Anant Prakash Singh

    What about Saluto? Now it is on road since approx a year. Among Glamour & Saluto, which is better. According to me any bike must be studied on parameter like Comfort (road grip, driving pleasure, quality of suspensing) Durability, maintenace & mileage.

    Sales of Honda Shine may be great, but performance of its Engine in long run is not good. After riding more than 20,000 km, it starts giving trouble. Even if someone uses his bike in traffic more frequently & if use of clutch is high than problem is much higher and earlier. Another problem is stability and road grip. Probably in no review durability is studied.

  42. chintan

    Never buy a tvs product.l have tvs star city 110cc. I wasted my 55000 rs. Bike me problem hi problem he.engine me fault he , engine week he , average 40-45 tak hi ati he , tyre wet surface pe sleep hoti he mtlab tyre kichad me ghumta rahta he aur bike age nahi jata spet part company me nahi milte bike ki koi resale value nahi he mera ek sal purana bike 10000 me bhi nahi bik raha so life me mera review yad rkhna aur kisi ko bhi ye galti mat karne dena.

    • If u want…u can sell it to me, if not sold yet…in 10,000 Rs. Before this Dhanteras…means before 25/10/2016.
      I am ready to purchase.

  43. Pradee singh shyam

    honda cb shine ka Mileage style comfort Damdaar hai,Aisa Bike shayad hi koi ho!

  44. Nasir

    I want a bike with 70kmpl and dashing look

    • Abhinandan

      Go for ct100 then, dashing bike does not have milage greater than 35-40.


    How is Discover 125M? looks attractive and good mileage.

  46. Ansari

    My vote to Hero Honda Glamour. Its MIcrcontroller infection version gives good mileage for a 125 cc class.
    It is just the right power needed for a city commuter.
    Handling easy. i ve been rough using it and it takes it well.
    For the cost its worth. Parts/ service are cheap too.
    what more do you want?

    • बी एस पवार

      Hero bikes have a low pickup, Low mileage, Weak body and poor engine. New Bajaj Discover 125cc is the best bike in the world. Mileage is 65 to 70 km in the city.

  47. Chandru

    I need 125cc and good mileage two-wheeler from Honda company. The bikes you’ve shared are not bad but I want any new model bike.

  48. gobinda sutradhar

    nothing attracting…….. but not bad also…..

  49. sambasivarao n

    I need the best two Wheeler to purchase… with respect to performance and mileage.


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