Here, we’ve covered great earphones from Sennheiser, Kingston, Sony, Audio Technica and SkullCandy. If you are a person who is crazy for music and ready to spend over 2000 INR to enjoy songs in HD quality on mobile devices, go through the below paragraphs where you will find top 5 headphones below 5000 INR in India.

The earbuds I have shortlisted have an unbelievable rating of 4+ on eCommerce portals, and they are priced within 2500 to 5000 Rs. They are highly comfortable and suitable for a person of any age or gender.

Here’s the list of the most amazing headphones that you can buy for a budget up to 5K INR.

Top headphones under 5000 Rupees with great features

5Kingston HyperX Cloud core

Kingston, for the first time, had launched a mid-range HyperX Cloud Core headphone in India for below Rs 5000. The hyperX CC is suitable for gaming because of its fantastic design, comfortable ear cups and compatibility with gaming consoles like Xbox one, Sony Play Station 4, etc.

The cloud core ships with two years warranty, and it has a cable of up to 2 meters length. It includes noise cancellation unit, 3.5 mm connector and a microphone module. Kingston HyperX CC includes a 53 mm neodymium drivers. It supports sound frequencies of up to 25 KHz.

The HyperX CC headphone costs within 4200 to 4500 INR.

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4Sennheiser HD 451

Like its other sibling mentioned on this list, HD 451 supports wired connectivity. It offers superb bass experience. HD 451 from Sennheiser is based on the circumaural design to filter external noises and disturbances.

This headphone is enabled with twin 32 Ohm HD speakers that support playback of up to play 20.5 KHz audio files. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. HD451 is fitted with a 4 feet cable.

The price of the Sennheiser headphone is 4000 INR.

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3Skullcandy Uproar

You should grab this headphone if you are looking for a wireless headphone within 3500 to 4000 Rs range. The Uproar headphone from Skullcandy features a 20000 Hz speaker system with 32 Ohm resistivity, 1.2 m cord, and 114 DB sensitivity. You can pair this device with a Bluetooth module equipped handset which is within a range of 33 feet.

Uproar promises a high-quality audio experience with minimal distortion. It features soft cushions built with a synthetic leather material and a battery that lasts for up to 600 minutes on a single change. This on-ear headphone is priced at 4200 Rupees.

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2Audio Technica M20X

M20X is a wired over-the-head earphone that features high-definition 47 Ohms speakers. It offers a stereo-quality sound experience at 17 to 20000 Hertz frequency.

M20X has a large driver (40MM) for the ultimate bass experience. M20X is comfortable, light-weight and compact. It has one of the best noise cancellation modules among headphones within the same range i.e. 3000 to 5k Rupees.

This Audio Technica device is compatible with amplifier systems. It includes gold plated connectors. It supports connectivity with iPhone, iPod and other phones and tablets with 3.5 mm audio-jack.

M20X headphone costs between 3200 to 3500 Rupees.

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Audio Technica M30X is an upgraded version of the above over the head earphone. It supports higher frequencies than M20x (22 kHz) and has a weight of 220 grams (with cable). Its price tag is 4400 Rupees.

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1Sony MDR-XB70AP

If you love listening to music and want to buy a decent lightweight earphone with microphone, then you should give a try to this stylish Sony device that costs under 3500 Rupees. Weighing about 100 grams, Xb70AP offers excellent bass experience because it is a Sony product. Sony products are considered to be worth the money.

XB70AP can easily play high-bass 26 KHz sound through its stereo speakers. It includes a 12 mm small neodymium driver unit and packs aluminum covering for suppressing vibrations produced by sound. It is one of the best in-ear Sony headphones within 3000 to 4000 Rupees range in India.

XB70AP costs 3300 Rs in India.

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