I’ve been using the Resurrection Remix custom ROM based on CyanogenMod since a few days. The ROM is awesome, and it has some powerful security features. It also provides root access to apps when required.

If you have flashed CM on your phone, the privacy guard and Protected apps are two cool features that you should activate and use.

The CM ROM features a privacy section which can be located under the phone settings. This section has three tools, i.e., Privacy Guard, Blocked Caller List, and Protected apps.

PG is a tool that blocks apps from accessing your personal data. According to a message displayed in its interface, PG is disabled by default. But there’s a toggle button to turn it on. The interface boasts a show notification toggle button too.

The PG module will display a list of apps along with a shield icon. To make sure that an app doesn’t steal your personal data, you have to tap on the shield icon located to the right of the app’s name.

If any app wants to access your personal data, Privacy Guard will display a notification for the same.

The interface of this tool features a reset permissions function. If you think that your favorite app is not working as you had expected, you should reset the settings.

PG can be applied to the inbuilt apps. Privacy guard tool features an advanced view in which it will display detailed information on the app.

The CyanogenMod Privacy Guard module will work silently in the background. It will ensure that no app tries to read your personal details. If you’ve enabled notifications for it, PG will display a popup whenever an app tries to access your location or read sensitive information stored on the phone.

The next cool feature of CyanogenMod is the protected apps. Many top custom ROMs like CM includes a tool to block or restrict access to an app.

The Protected apps function can be found in the privacy section of CyanogenMod settings.

When you try to access this interface, CM will ask you to set a pattern lock to unlock the screen and access the apps. When CM accepts your pattern, it will display a list of all Android apps on your phone or tablet.

Each app is accompanied with a box. To block any other user from accessing a particular app, simply check the box (check the screenshots).

CyanogenMod allows the user to reset the Protected apps and the pattern lock.

This tool is powerful. If you have a kid at home, you can block banking, eCommerce, messaging, settings apps quickly with it.

Tip: For better security, you should set a different pattern lock for the lock screen and hidden applications.


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