There are some companies that allow you to access WiFi at public places. For example, RJio offers WiFi connectivity at Wankhede Stadium Mumbai and many other locations. There are many railway stations where you can access the high-speed internet free for a certain duration. Restaurant and hotel owners offer free internet to their customers.

A connection is not possible without a password. There’s an app on the play store that helps users to find and use free WiFi nearby by making them aware of keyphrase.

Well, we’re talking about swift WiFi. This app is useful when you’re at a public place and want to access free internet without activating 2G or 3G.

The app includes a WiFi safety test that allows you to check and optimize your wireless connection. It checks the download speed and makes you aware of the safety of your device in a percentage format.

The signal depends on the router settings. If the router is configured to use lower power, its coverage area will be low and signal in the mobile device depends on its location.

I didn’t see any improvement in WIFi signal after running the optimizer of this app.

If you want your phone to function as a hotspot, activate personal hotspot feature in the swift wifi application.

If you think that a connection is not secure or if you want to block some users from accessing your hotspot, you can add the device to the blacklist.

This application displays advertisements in a pop-up. The ads will not annoy you because it will appear only when you click on the basket icon that appears at the top right position of swift WiFI application.

SW has a module that turns off wireless connections automatically for a certain time interval, in standby mode or when there’s no WiFi available at your current location. When it is active, this feature will save battery.

If you share your connection details (including password), swift wifi will reward you with some points.

If you don’t want your WiFi to be shared with others, you can either change the password locally (via router settings) or send an email to the address of the developer. You will have to mention the MAC address, SSID and attach a screenshot of the router’s configuration page the message. Your request will be processed within 10 days.

This application claims to have details of 2 million free hotspots. It is used by move 35 MN users around the world. The ratings of Swift wifi are excellent (4.2 out of 5.) It seems to work great for many users. [app download link]

I wouldn’t share the password of my WiFi connection with others. Will you?


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