Infinit is a peer to peer technology based free file sharing application that has been recently launched for Android devices and iPhones. It was 1st made available for computers running Macintosh and Microsoft Windows operating system.

The developers of this application have used shortest path algorithm to make file transfers through it faster than most other similar software. File upload or download operations are paused automatically if the app has been disconnected from WiFi or the Internet. Thus, you can resume the transfer operation whenever the network connection is available.

How to use infinit app? (Review)

Install the app from the play store and run it. To start using infint, log in with Facebook or register a new account by entering your user-id, password and email address. You can also select a new avatar for your infinit account.

Users are allowed to select an avatar picture from the SD card or internal storage memory of their phone. Infinit can run the default camera app on your phone too. Thus, if you’ve accidentally deleted all the pictures or if there’s no image stored on the storage of your mobile device, you can use this feature to take a new picture and set it as an infinit avatar.

Users don’t have to verify their mobile number or email id to send files with infinit. When your account has been created, you’ll see a white color interface with 4 menus and a button to send files. To send a file of any size and format, click on this button. If you do this, infinit will open its inbuilt file explorer utility that will load and display the thumbnail view of each image and video file stored on your phone.

Users are not allowed to locate a file manually. Thus, if your phone has 1000+ images, you’ll have to go through all thumbnails to identify the file you want to share. Once you’ve selected the pictures/videos, tap on the next button and enter the phone number or email address of the persons with whom you want to share files.

You can enter as many numbers or email addresses you want. Now tap on the send button. Infinit app will now encrypt and upload the selected images/folders to its cloud storage service. It will not compress the files. Thus, image or video quality will not be degraded.

If the target address or phone number is a user of infint app, he’ll be able to download these shared files easily. To make users aware that you’ve shared a file with them, Infinit app will create an SMS. But the message won’t be dispatched unless you enable the send SMS permission for the infinit app.

infinit warning

If you want to move files from your phone to the computer, you should install infinit app on both the devices. A list of all sent files will be displayed on the main interface of this app.

Download Infinit for Android or IPhone.

Final thoughts:
Infinit is a small but powerful app. Its inbuilt file explorer threw a warning on my Android device at random intervals (check the above screenshot) and I was able to send only video and picture files with this software. Infinit had been better if it supported the transfer of documents, pdf, etc files.


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