Here, you’ll find full details of best mileage bikes in 150cc segment that deliver great performance. I still remember the day I had bought my first bike in the year 2006 – Bajaj Pulsar 150 cc. Before purchasing it, I did a lot of research on the internet because I was confused that time as you’re right now.

I shortlisted the best mileage bike in India (150cc segment) that were within my budget. In the year 2006, Pulsar 150 cc and Hero Honda CBZ were two of the most famous two wheelers in India. Hence, both of them were at number one and two spots on my list.

As I liked the looks of Pulsar and the fact that it gave a better mileage than most of the bikes, I purchased it. If you’re in a similar situation as I was and if you’re looking forward to purchasing the best two wheeler in this segment, then you’re at the right place as today we’ll share with you the bikes which rule the 150cc segment. So without wasting much time, let’s have a look at the list –

Top 7 Best 150cc bike in India with fuel efficient engine

7Hero Extreme

Another top-selling Hero Motorcorp bike in the 150cc segment, Extreme is a powerful two-wheeler that has a good mileage of within 60 to 62 KMPL. It is one of the latest bikes from Hero Motors. Extreme offers front hydraulic suspension, rear gas reservoir technology based suspension, max torque of 12.8 NM (at 6500 RPM), max power of 14.4 Ps (at 8500 RPM). It includes alloy wheels along with tubeless tires. It features disc braking system.

Extreme may not be the most stylish bike in India, but it is known to be a top performer on the roads. Thus, it deserves to be on this list of the top 7 best 150cc bikes in India.

Price in India:- 69000 to 78000 Rupees.

6Honda Unicorn CB

Honda Unicorn CB had to be on this list of the Best 150cc Bikes in India due to its powerful features and immense popularity in India. This Honda motorcycle comes with useful features. It includes tube tires, black alloy wheels, 13.0 liters fuel tank and a 12 v battery.

Honda Unicorn CB has a rear drum and a front disc brake. It is fitted with a front telescopic rear suspension. It has a rear mono suspension, which has been built with Honda’s most advanced technology. Honda Unicorn CB has a mileage around 50-60 KMPL. It offers a max torque power of 12.7 NM and a max power of 13.3 bhp.

Price in India:- 62000 to 69000 Rupees.

5Honda CBR 150R

Honda CBR 150R is yet another four-stroke bike on our list. Its specifications include a front and rear disc brake, tubeless tires, 12 V battery and a 12.1 liters fuel capacity. For providing better grip on all types of surfaces, the 150R features wider tires. The Hero CBR 150R bike has a telescopic front suspension. It uses hydraulic technology for the front suspension.

This 150cc segment two wheeler includes a DOHC technology enabled engine that produces a maximum torque of 12.6 Ps at 8500 RPM. Its mileage is within 50 to 60 KMPL. It has a top speed of 109 KM/hour. If you’re a huge fan of Hero bikes, you should get this bike. CBR 150R is one of the latest Honda bikes, but it is costly (Priced around 120000 Rs).

Price in India: Within 120000 to 150000 Rupees

4Suzuki Gixxer:

Suzuki is a successful vehicle manufacturer. Some of its two-wheelers are counted among the best in the world. Its Gixxer has been awarded the title of the best bike in India for 2015 as well as for 2014. It is a stylish 150cc sports bike that can be owned in the shades of red/black and white/blue color options. The color combination is excellent, and it will catch others attention when you’re riding the Gixxer.

This bike uses displacement generated by a 155cc two-valve four cylinder engine. It has a carburetor based fuel system and a manual multi-speed transmission. It comes with the disc as well as drum brake for better control.

Suzuki Gixxer 155 has a 12L fuel tank. Its weight is just 135 kilograms (lighter than Pulsar 150CC DTSI). It comes with tubeless tires at the rear and front. This Bike has LED technology based tail light. It can reach up to 118 KMPH speed.

Price: 75000 to 85000 Rs.

3Yamaha FZ s Fi (ver 2.0):-

With a price tag around under 83000 Rupees, Yamaha FZ s Fi can be considered one of the best 150cc segment bikes in India. Yamaha FZ s 2.0 (popularly known as Yamaha Fazer) comes with a 12 liters fuel tank, tubeless tyres, alloy wheels, telescopic front suspension, rear mono cross suspension, front disc brake and a rear drum brake.

The tubeless tires will save your money as they won’t get easily punctured. Yamaha FZ (Yamaha Fazer) Fi gives a good mileage of within 41 to 46 KMPL. It has a max torque of 12.9 NM (at 6000 RPM) and a maximum power of 13.1 PS (at 8000 RPM).

This bike has a sealed 12 Volt battery and electric start option. Its offers 160 mm ground clearance. It is available for purchase in 5 color options.

Price in India: Within 82000 to 85000 Rupees.

2Yamaha R15

R15 is yet another top class bike from the Japanese manufacturer Yamaha for the Indian markets. This two wheeler includes a 6-speed transmission system, and it has a SOHC technology based single cylinder engine with four valves and liquid cooling system.

The engine generates an unbelievable max torque of 15 NM at 7500 RPM a max power of 17 PS at the rate of 8500 RPM due to which it can reach up to 145 KMPH speed (on the highway).

Yamaha R15 features a T.C.I ignition system and it boasts a delta box frame. It includes hydraulic front and disc rear brake system. R15 weighs around 137.9 kilograms. Its other features are the same as FZ Fi. It is available in 3 color choices and has a mileage within 34.9 to 44.8 KMPL.

Price: Around 110000 Rupees

1Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi

Bajaj is one of the top bike manufacturers in India. Powered by Bajaj’s DTSi technology, Pulsar 150 cc is a four stroke bike. It comes with a maximum power of 15.06 Ps and a maximum torque of 12.5 NM.

This stylish bike has a telescopic front suspension. It is equipped with an anti-friction bush and a five-way adjustable rear suspension. It also includes the famous Nitrox shock absorbers.

This bike uses tube tires, and it has a front disc brake, a rear drum brake. Hence, it ensures better safety on the roads. Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTsi has a 15 liters fuel tank and a 12v battery. It gives a good mileage of 50-60 Kmpl.

This bike from Bajaj Auto is in huge demand in the markets. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the best 150cc bikes in India for 2016. I’ve been using Pulsar since eight years, and I’ve never experienced any technical problems with it.

The bike is a top performer, and it looks stylish and muscular. Its body parts are cheap. Well, my story might be old but believe it or not, Pulsar still leads the race.

Price in India: – Within 65000 to 70000 Rupees

So which bike would you buy?

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  1. anil

    Hi guys, I want to purchase 150cc bike. Which is the best bike?

  2. cbr sakthi

    honda CB unicorn 150 vs CBR 150r comparison:

    These two bikes give a mileage of 40-45-50 kmpl.

    Top speed of the 2 bikes: CB unicorn 106-110 CBR 120-130

    The bikes have a good pick up

  3. No one can replace Honda Company. Honda Hornet 160r CBS is an award winning motorcycle. Smooth pickup. Look like beast,??

  4. jayan

    I would like to buy a bike 125 to 150 cc good built quality, low maintenance plz suggest thanks

  5. Virendra

    What abt Bajaj avenger street 150cc ? How is this bike , can someone guide me ?

  6. Cyrus

    Hi guys, don’t buy pulsar. Now a days engine make is very worst condition. I bought 2014 January. Now heavy noise come from engine. I went to genuine bajaj Service centre. Service engineers said now a days all pulsar engines are worst condition. Then he said i try to stop this noise. Then he changed timing chain and some parts in engine. But till now heavy noise coming from engine. So guys dont buy pulsar. This is bad performance and bajaj have bad service.

  7. sumit

    which 150cc has best of best mileage. it is very necessary to know for me. please reply fast.

  8. sumit

    i want to buy a good looking and good mileage bike. plz give me some advise.

  9. Prabhu

    Discover 150s and F gives 60 km/l

    • Prabhu

      With decent performance

  10. sakthi

    150cc speed mileage?

  11. Hrishi

    Hey i am bike geek I had rode those bikes I mentioned in my earlier comment
    Some quick review of bike
    Suzuki gixxer:-pros-The all rounder good bike,great engineered engine and good – bulid quality,smooth shifts, good looks. Cons- limited service centers.
    Fuel economy – 45 to 47kmpl.

    Honda hornet:-Pros-good bike, good engine, good looks more powerful and fast than gixxer and fz.
    Cons- Gear shifts , conering on bike feels less grippy.
    Fuel economy- 46 to 49kmpl

    Yamaha fz v2.0 :- Pros- Good looks,smooth engine stressed when over 80 kmph, good for touring, chassis great stability.
    Cons – less powered engine , worst fuel economy.
    Fuel economy- 42 to 45 know

  12. Hrishi

    Hey pramod i have read you articles that you have written. Pulsars are now outdated I know they used to rule the road but the time moved on. The r15 is whole way in another category. Yeah it has 150cc engine but it fits in high performance bikes and you are talking about mid-performance bikes. And the best bike 150 cc range is suzuki gixxer after that the Honda hornet after Yamaha fz v2.0.

  13. vaibhav jain


    I visited Yamaha and Honda showroom as i was looking to buy a new 150 cc bike.. i took test ride of Honda hornet and FZ version 2 ..

    I liked FZ more in compare to Hornet, as its looks is more attractive.. But it seems that Yamaha FZ ‘s mileage is least as compare to Hornet and Suzuki Gixer.
    still i did’nt visit suzuki showrooom for gixer. Today morning i came to know through your article that gixer is very tough competitor of yamaha and honda..
    Please guide which bike will be more suitable in all aspects.
    Can you please specify the mileage of all 3 bikes i.e. gixer , fz and hornet.

    • Yes, Gixxer is in a good demand. Some readers had recommended me to add gixxer to the list. I haven’t used gixxer, fz ii and hornet, but my friends use it. Gixxxer and fz ii offers mileage within 41 to 44 KMPL. On a smooth road i.e. highway, the mileage may be better. Visit a nearby showroom and take a test drive of Gixxer to know how this bike performs.

  14. R.senthil kumar

    New Yamaha or pulsari

  15. DANIEL

    pulsar as150 had a super power and good mileage 50 to 58

  16. Ronit

    It’s not “Hero Honda” anymore, now it’s “Hero”. Update your knowledge and this article too.

  17. ALOK

    Fzs and faser are 2 different bikes 🙂 price mentioned for bike is not correct. I don’t find this relevant.

  18. Abhishek

    Hi Sir my height 6 ft and I want daily office purpose bike so plz advice for bike and I want good mileage and good looking bike suit my personality.

  19. litumaharana

    I want 2 buy a 125 cc bike. which model to prefer and which company is the best. I am waiting for your reply.

  20. Saugat

    What about TVS Apache Rtr180 ABS ? In a long run will it be good ? Or should I go for Yamaha ? Need guidance urgently. Budget 1 Lac. Looking bikes without split seats and digital console.

  21. Saswata Chakraborty

    Are you serious dude? Either you have never heard of Suzuki Gixxer 150 or you haven’t had a chance to ride one.And that’s why you made such a ridiculous list

    • Pramod

      Updated the article. Thanks for the honest feedback

  22. Phani

    What about Gixxer 155

  23. Suresh

    Comment:Thanks for information

  24. Chandan Debnath.

    I’ve read many comments over internet and I found that your comments are really wise and practical. Thanks for this wonderful analysis of best 150 cc bikes. More information expected about this concern. Thank you.


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