Google’s Android OS has been optimized to run on mobiles with low-end specifications. Apart from introducing a 32 and 64 bits version of Android, Google has never launched a configuration specific build.

Many phone manufacturers have launched Android smartphones with 4GB RAM. I own a mid-range handset with custom ROM based on Android M and 1GB RAM. I’ve never seen the OS consuming more than 512 MB RAM. The RAM usage does exceed when I run a game or when an app runs in the background to sync data, monitor my activity, etc.

If the phone had 4GB RAM, around 60 to 65 % of memory blocks would have remained empty for most of the time.

I don’t know whether smartphones have RAM slots or not. If they do have, the OS should cut the power supply to the inactive memory module to save battery.

Android phone doesn’t need 4GB RAM, but if Google introduces Microsoft Continuum like feature in Android, the OS might need it as the Remix OS has proved that the Android operating system is capable of running on computers.

The Microsoft Continuum feature is exclusive to Windows 10 phone and the desktop operating system only. It allows users to use their handsets as a computer. With Continuum, you can use a mobile device as if you’re using a PC. Here’s a video that explains the same.

Microsoft has its app store where you’ll find all types of apps for Windows 10 desktop and phone. The application that you install on your PC can be used on the phone too.

Upcoming 4GB RAM mobiles

As of now, only two companies are planning to introduce a Windows 10 OS installed 4GB RAM mobiles.

A few days back, a website had leaked details of Alcatel’s upcoming Idol Pro smartphone. Today, a Hungarian news portal revealed the features of HP’s Elite X3 handset.

upcoming 4GB RAM mobiles

As per the leaked details, Idol Pro, and Elite X3 will run on Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. They’ll ship with high-end features.

Microsoft had launched the Lumia 950 and 950 XL handsets with Snapdragon 810 with a formidable price tag of around 50K Rs.

When the device from HP and Alcatel hits the markets, both Lumia 950XL and its sibling will become outdated as the Elite X3 and Idol Pro 4 are powered by Snapdragon 820 system on chip which promises better battery and OS performance than its predecessor.

windows 10 phone

HP and Alcatel will add a 2K display and 32GB storage hardware to their upcoming phones.

More information on the Alcatel Idol Pro 4 is not available at this point in time. HP Elite X3 might have a fingerprint reader with Biometric sensor. It might include a 4K rear camera with 16 million pixel resolution sensor.

Microsoft Continuum

Elite X3 might ship with a USB Type C connection. It will be the latest IPS 67 standard certified device from HP. X3 will support the wireless charging technology, and it will come with a MicroSD card reader that supports 200GB MicroSDs.

We’ll cover the details of more upcoming 4GB RAM mobiles when they’re launched or revealed by the companies.


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