Windows 10 operating system is one of the best software products from Microsoft Corporation and it is being used on more than 200 million computers.

The OS lets you customize every visible feature on the desktop. You can change the ICON size, font, taskbar orientation, start menu entries, lockscreen/desktop wallpaper, background color, etc.

Customizing Windows is much easier with a third party software called Classic Shell.

The desktop is the most important feature of Windows. Anyone using this OS will like to keep the desktop uncluttered and would like to make it look attractive.

Unnecessary shortcuts are responsible for the desktop clutter. They can be easily removed with the mouse or keyboard. If the shortcuts are important to you, the free Windows virtual desktop manager software will help you in creating multiple desktops. Each desktop will have its own set of shortcuts.

new windows 10 desktop wallpapers changer

The desktop will look beautiful if the user sets a beautiful picture, gradient or color as a background. Windows 10 allows you to change background through its Personalization tool.

If you want to set a wallpaper as a background, then visit the best photo sharing websites where you’ll find tons of free pictures. If you don’t want to waste time on this, then install the Microsoft Bing desktop software.

Microsoft Bing Desktop is a free application and it takes 19 MB memory on the storage.
You can configure MBD to change wallpapers automatically after 5 seconds, 30 minutes, an hour or a day. The images will be synced automatically to your PC and the application will set it is as the background after the user specified time period. The software also allows users to fire a BING search query from the desktop.

Microsoft Bing desktop settings

The software adds a small gadget to the top right corner of the desktop. When you hover the mouse cursor on the gadget, Windows will unhide the below options:

  • Share a picture on Facebook.
  • Search on Bing.
  • change desktop wallpapers.

The gadget includes an I icon too. When the cursor comes in contact with this icon, Microsoft Bing desktop will display the details and license of the image.

MBD has a trending images section where you’ll find pictures of the most searched animals, people, cities, etc.

The gadget can display the weather forecast for your city. It has a video section too. To find interesting videos, simply click on it.

The gadget supports web search. To get information on your favorite topic, simply enter words in the large search box of the gadget and click on the search icon. Search results will be provided by Microsoft Bing.

Download the free software from Microsoft Corporation here.

Conclusion: Microsoft Bing desktop is a must have application for the people who love to explore and discover interesting images. It is the best wallpaper changer for Windows 10. There’s no alternative to it. You can install MBD on Windows 7, 8, XP and 10 OS.

Google had launched a similar software in 2004, but the company has now discontinued its development and support. If it were in existence, the Google desktop would have been a great alternative to MBD.


  1. terrence sutton

    I have my own list / File of desktop displays .. However I ONLY want BING as my default browser ..
    ( No Internet Exp / No edge / No any other ONLY BING .. ..


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