OnePlus two, one are elegant phones with a large amount of RAM, latest Android OS and good hardware. They are considered among the best handsets in their price ranges.

After ruling the high-end phone markets for 2 years, OnePlus is now planning to take on the likes of Asus Zenfone 2, Motorola G3 and other devices launched by Indian domestic manufacturers with OnePlus Mini – a mid-range handset.

The team behind the development and marketing of OnePlus phones have already uploaded a teaser image of its new product.

The picture reveals that OnePlus mini will be either launched or officially unveiled on the 29th of this month i.e October.

The date is surprising because eCommerce giants have started their Diwali sale and they’re offering good deals on all popular phones. Most of the online shopping for the next 2 to 3 months will be done during the sale.

According to a leaked image, it seems like OnePlus will follow the same selling strategy as it did with OPO, OP2 phones i.e invite only system. Thus, interested people will have to try their luck each time OnePlus mini will be available in stock. This will be a frustrating experience for sure.

According to a picture leaked by, OnePlus mini will be the official name of this upcoming phone. To be honest, the name is still unclear as the picture released by one of the OnePlus executives boasts an X letter. Maybe the picture indicates that the phone uses X series Mediatek 64 bit octa-core chip i.e Helio X10.

OnePlus Mini X

Mini is expected to ship with MTK chip instead of a Snapdragon processor. The graphics will be powered by a Mali or PowerVR module. The 1st two phones from the company used Snapdragon and Adreno chipsets and they were super hit.

For the 1st time, OnePlus has used MTK X10 helios 2200 MHz processor in its product. Xiaomi will also be using it in Redmi Note 2.

OnePlus X aka Mini will run on Marshmallow OS based Oxygen software i.e Android 6.0 (have a look at some of the top Android M features here). It will ship with a 5 inch full HD touchscreen display along with a 2400+ mAh battery.

The screen will use ClearForce technology along with the latest version of Gorilla glass for offering protection from all kinds of dirt and dust particles. Its pixel density is high. Thus, watching videos and editing images on Android will be a fun thing to do.

OnePlus will launch Mini with 16GB or 32GB ROM module (along with the above features). The user will have to spend in 240 to 300 dollars range (i.e within 15000 to 18000) to get one of them.

Even though OnePlus X (mini) is a mid-range Android phone, it has been built with durable materials. It will have high res cameras for good photography experience and full HD video/image output.

This octa-core full HD mobile offers various network connectivity options (including 4G which is being adopted quickly in India). It might include USB Type-C port too.

OnePlus has also joined the likes of Coolpad, Xiaomi, and Asus as it has pledged to make phones in India. It has partnered with Foxconn for the same. At this point of time, it is not clear whether OP2, OPO will be built here. But we think that OnePlus Mini is a make in India product.


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