My 2 and a half-year-old kid is already a fan of smartphone technology and Android. I’ve installed some kids app for him to learn new things.

My smartphone is powered by Xiaomi MIUI OS (Android Kit Kat), and it has a well-designed notification panel that gives the user easy access to all essential functions.

The controls are so intuitive that even my kid can increase brightness or the display or turn on WiFi, Bluetooth (though he doesn’t know the uses of these modules).

When I open a learning or brain teaser app and hand over the smartphone to the kid, before interacting with the application, he sets the brightness of the display to the highest.

I was worried because such high intensity would damage the eyesight of any person. It also drained the battery of the smartphone quickly. Even the best battery savers for Android wouldn’t be useful in this case.

Unfortunately, MIUI doesn’t have a function to disable brightness on XIAOMI phones. Thus, I decided to find a solution to this problem by searching for an app that would automatically make display darker and at the same time disable the brightness control of Android.

Google play store suggested me a few apps for the same. I tested screen dimmer for a while. The app is good, and it has auto scheduling feature. The biggest problem with it is that when the user tries to optimize the phone with MIUI Android optimizer, the app gets killed, and the brightness control function of Android is enabled again.

I searched for Screen dimmer alternative and ended up installing Lux lite app.

When you install and run it, this application will display a black colored floating interface that boasts a setting to adjust screen brightness dynamically, periodically, manually, etc. Lux Lite uses the light sensor of your device, and it works automatically in the background without consuming a lot of RAM. The CPU usage will be higher if you alter this app’s poll rate settings.

Lux Lite also displays an option to select night, smart, day, smart, cinema, etc profile mode. The smart mode will automatically adjust the screen brightness whenever the natural light at your place is dim or bright. You can use this feature only if you buy the premium version of Lux Lite (priced at 3 dollars).

This Lux Lite app allows the user to change sensor poll rate, disable the auto adjust feature or manage apps that trigger sleep mode. It adds brightness control utility to the notification system of your Android phone. It supports KCAL, plugins, and CF.lumen Pro integration. If you want a detailed explanation of the features of this app, there’s a help utility that can be accessed through the dashboard.

Lux Lite was disabled whenever I restarted the handset. To fix this problem, I activated the auto start permission for this app.

Lux lite download link.

I have tested this app on a single Android device. I am pretty sure it will work on most of the phones and tablets because its Google play store rating is excellent. Its background process remains unaffected by the optimizer. A single user is not able to rate the same app twice (but he can change it).


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