Telecom companies announce lucrative offers on plans during festivals, weekends and people take no time to activate them on their mobile device.

Sometimes the plans are good value for money. But most of the times, it will waste your time and cash.

For example, XYZ operator is offering 10GB of 3G data for Rs 1500 and 30 days validity, and you activate it on your device.

You may not be an internet addict, but you use WhatsApp and Facebook daily. If an update is available, you also update your phone with the latest version of Android or Windows operating system.

After a month, you realize that you have used only 5GB data. Thus, you’ve wasted 750 Rs. The telecom operator will not refund your money because it was you who activated the plan.

Kompairfy’s PlanHound app has been updated with some new features that will help you save money on online recharges and bill payments. We’ve shared complete details on the same below.

Setup and review:

This app is published in the Google play store, and you can download it here. When you install and run it, Planhound app will ask you to enter the phone number, email address, your preferred data plan (2G or 3G). You will also be prompted to select your location and operator.

When you enter the above details, tap on the proceed button. Planhound will now analyze your data usage and call logs, and it will open a new interface where this app will suggest data plans to the users. The app will also dispatch a verification mail to your registered email ID. Make sure that you confirm the same.

Planhound was able to distinguish between WiFi and 2G/3G data usage. I am WiFi user, and I don’t use GSM or HSPDA services. Thus, one of the screenshots I’ve shared below shows 0 MB usage.

The Planhound app checked my call details, and it displayed the total calling time in minutes (you can change the unit through the preferences window). It also scanned my SMS logs and roaming information.

Planhound will notify you whenever your phone or data balance will reach 0 after a call or small session of Internet usage. You can also compare DTH plans and buy a connection that suits your budget.

It is an excellent tool for prepaid as well as postpaid users because they have all the details at their disposal. Telecom operators generate a bill for your phone number by these details.

Komparify PlanHound has options to select a date range. It displays your network, call, SMS usage detailed information in the form of graphs. It supports various combo plans launched by major telecom organizations. Planhound is an excellent alternative to IReff, Oxigen, and other similar apps.


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