The successor of OnePlus One phone will be launched very soon and some vital details of this handset have already been disclosed. Apart from the regular leaks, the company has been unveiling the features itself on a weekly basis. OnePlus 2 will be launched on July 27 in a first of its kind virtual reality event.

The founder, Pete Lau had announced that OnePlus 2 phone will not be a priced at 700 or 800 dollars, it will be launched for below 450 i.e 28000 Rupees.

Technologies used: This upcoming phone from China is expected to have a high-end configuration to make it a perfect device for gaming, photography and everyday use.

CPU: OnePlus 2 is rumored to have Qualcomm’s most powerful processor for mobile devices i.e Snapdragon 810. Some manufacturers had stopped using Snapdragon 800 chips in their devices after 1000s of users complained of overheating issues. 810 seems to have a perfect configuration. Thus, OnePlus has installed it in their upcoming phone. Just as Sony Xperia Z4, this mobile features Adreno 430 GPU that supports 4K resolution photos/videos and 3D graphics.

Pete Lau OnePlus CEO

RAM: OnePlus 2 is the reportedly the 2nd phone manufacturer to employ DDR4 architecture-based hardware in its device. The 1st one to do so was Samsung. Yesterday, it was revealed that this handset will feature 4GB LPDDR4 RAM.

For those who are not aware, DDR4 RAM has better data transfer rate and it consumes few volts lesser power than DDR3. Asus Zenfone 2 ships with 4GB RAM (DDR3). Its price is within 19k to 20k.

Display and camera: This phone’s display is expected to be of 4.7 inches. It will have a 2K or 4K resolution (as Snapdragon 810 supports it) and 404+ pixel density. It will have 4k cameras.

OS: Android m based OxygenOS might power the OnePlus 2. This phone’s predecessor runs on Android 5.0.2 i.e Lollipop. I don’t think the upcoming device will use the same OS.

OnePlus 2 phone

Other features: Apart from the motion sensors i.e Accelerometer or Gyroscope, this handset will feature a fingerprint scanner and it is enabled with 4G LTE support. USB Type C connection has been also added to the OP2.

Where will be able to buy OnePlus 2?

I think OP 2 will be available on the same site where its successor was sold i.e Although many users didn’t like the invitation system and registration based flash sales, the phones were out of stock on the same day they were in stock. It might also be available on the official website of OnePlus.

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Why can it be the best phone for 2015?

OP2 is offering high-end configuration for a decent price. The features that this phone is expected to have are backed up by latest technologies. To complete with the likes of Apple, Google, Samsung, OnePlus might have used top class materials to build its latest handset. You should expect a nonplastic body in OnePlus 2.


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