Traditional watches can only make you aware of the current time. If a watch has a compass, it will show the direction of North and South poles. Unless you’re rich and want to flaunt your wealth in the public, it doesn’t make sense to spend 1000s of Rupees on a watch that has only two functions.

Various phone manufacturers have introduced smartwatches in India. The watches keep users updated with latest weather information. They allow users to answer incoming calls without touching phone. They also track the user’s activities.

Smartwatches carry various sensors. Hence, they function as powerful activity trackers. The watches have Bluetooth or NFC connectivity option. Hence, you can control music playback on a mobile phone with it.

Smartwatches are useful devices, aren’t they?

Here’s the list of best smartwatches that you can buy in India. Our list includes cheap as well as expensive watches launched by renowned companies.

Best smartwatches in India

Bingo U8

Bingo U8 - smartwatch under 1000 in india

U8 is a cheap smartwatch that supports Android 2.3+ OS. It has a color LCD 1.48-inch touchscreen display.

The smartwatch has a special feature called Anti-Lost Alarm. When you enable this function, the watch will play an alert sound repeatedly. The watch will stop playing the sound when the phone is within its range (25 to 35 feet).

U8 packs three sensors – barometer, pedometer (step counter), and altitude meter. It ships with a 230 mAh battery. It has Bluetooth connectivity option.

Bingo U8 lets you make or answer voice calls. It enables you to set reminders. The watch weighs about 201 grams. It has a USB port and a stylish design. If you want to buy a smartwatch under 1000 Rs, then U8 is a great option to consider.


Ambrane ASW-11

Ambrane AS-11 - smartwatch under 1000 Rs

ASW-11 is a Bluetooth powered smartwatch with an inbuilt step counter. The smartwatch has a rectangular touchscreen 1.44-inch display with a lithium-polymer 200 mAh battery.

ASW-11 packs a g-sensor and has a MediaTek MTK 6261M 88 MHz processor. It is compatible with IOS and Android OS. It displays notifications of instant messengers and has a battery backup of 2 days. The weight of ASW-11 smartwatch is 50 grams.


Asus Zenwatch 2

Asus Zenwatch 2 - smartwatch under 10000 in India

Zenwatch 2 is a powerful and stylish smartwatch that you can buy for a budget under 10000 Rupees. The watch comes with good features, but it lacks a heart rate sensor. The absence of the HR sensor is the only drawback of this device.

The watch features a smart notification system that alerts you about incoming/missed calls and new messages. If you’re trying to accomplish your fitness goals, the watch will inspire you by displaying the calories you’ve burned during a workout or while you were on a walk.

The smartwatch has a crown button and a touchscreen function enabled display. The button enables you to interact with the smart features of the watch.

Asus Zenwatch 2 offers a 1.6-inch Super AMOLED display with 2.5D glass and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. It has a microphone and two sensors i.e. accelerometer and gyroscope.

The watch has passed the IP67 certification test. It supports iPhone and iPad running on IOS 8 OS. It also works with Android OS powered mobile devices.

The Zenwatch 2 runs on Android Wear OS. It offers 2 days battery backup. It costs within 7000 to 9999 Rs in India.


Huawei Watch 2

Huawei Watch 2

The watch from Huawei costs 28000 Rs. It features the latest version of Android Wear operating system, 1.2-inch display, and a Snapdragon processor. It allows users to download various types of Android apps from the Play Store. HW2 is powered by a Bluetooth 4.1 chip and 410 mAh battery.

Huawei Watch 2 can work as an activity tracker as it supports GPS and has 3 sensors – heart rate monitor, gyroscope, and accelerometer. It packs 700 MB RAM, 4G Sim card slot, and 4GB storage memory.

Like other smartwatches we’ve shared here, HW2 makes users aware of new messages and incoming/missed calls when they pair it with a mobile device. The watch features Google Assistant app and it has an impressive battery life of 48 hours. Its weight is 49 grams.


Fossil Marshall

Fossil Marshall

Marshall is a stylish smartwatch for men from Fossil. The watch costs Rs 13999 and it is available in 5 color options on Flipkart.

Fossil Marshall features a 1.7-inch rectangular LED display with a 320 x 290 pixels resolution. The screen’s pixel density is 229.

The smartwatch features 512 MB RAM and has 4GB storage memory. It has a 360 mAh capacity battery, which takes 120 minutes to get charged. Marshall packs a gyroscope and a g-sensor. It doesn’t include a heart rate monitor.


Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2 - best smartwatch under 10000 in India

S2 is one of the best-selling smartwatches in India. It has a trendy design and good hardware. The smartwatch comes with gyro and barometer sensor. It supports GPS navigation. Users can pair this smartwatch with Samsung phones or Android mobiles launched by other manufacturers.

You can use the Samsung Gear S2 as your fitness companion because it has GPS. S2 can track the distance you’ve walked, run, cycled, etc.

Gear S2 has a water-resistant design. It features a rectangular AMOLED touchscreen display. The smartwatch has a 200 mAH battery and it includes several widget modules. It is powered by a two-core processor and has 512MB RAM. Gear S2 works for 80+ nonstop hours on a full battery charge.

S2 is the cheapest premium smartwatch to feature a heart rate sensor. It is available for purchase in various color option for 20000 Rs.


Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 - smartwatch under 30000

Priced below 30000 INR, Gear S3 watch is an upgraded version of Gear S2. It is a powerful lightweight smartwatch with a stunning design. It has a 1.3-inch AMOLED scratch resistant display. S3 employs Corning Glass protection.

S3 is a shock-resistant smart device that runs on Samsung Tizen operating system. Although S3 is powered by Samsung’s OS, you can use it with Apple, Android, and Windows Phone OS powered devices.

The Samsung smartwatch supports wireless charging. It allows users to adjust the display brightness. It has a user-friendly OS.

Samsung Gear S3 provides a function to answer or discard incoming calls. It features a Bluetooth module. Hence, you can connect a Bluetooth technology enabled headphone with S3 and enjoy music.

Gear S3 carries 768 megabytes RAM and 4GB storage hardware. The watch has a dual-core 1000 megahertz processor. It supports GPS and has NFC chip. S3 is out of stock on Flipkart and Amazon. To buy this smartwatch online, visit the Samsung online Store.

Apple Watch (series 2)

Apple Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch is water-resistant up to a depth of 151 feet. It is enabled with GPS navigation technology. If you’re a fitness conscious person, you can use the Apple smartwatch to track your activities as it comes pre-installed with a fitness app. Along with the fitness application, the watch comes pre-installed with world’s most powerful digital personal assistant app, the Apple Siri.

To make sure that the watch fits perfectly in your wrists, Apple had introduced its smartwatch in various sizes.

Series 2 watches offer more features than Series 1 watches. Their display is 2 times brighter as compared to series 1 watches.

One of the most important features of the Apple Watch is its heart rate sensor. If you’re a heart patient, you can track your heartbeat rate with this device.

The Apple Watch enables you to install and use third-party applications. It has a color display fueled by a dedicated GPU. It includes a dual-core microprocessor. The watch supports Bluetooth and has a touchscreen display. It offers an excellent battery backup. The Apple Series 2 Watch costs within 29000 to 30000 Rupees.


Conclusion: Smartwatches are great alternatives to wrist watches. They have sensors and plenty of useful apps. If you use the features of smartwatches wisely, you’ll save time and live a healthy life.


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