With an advancement of computing technologies, we don’t have to glue our eyes to the televisions or hear the radio channels to get information on the climate. Many websites make us aware of the current temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc of any city or a suburb. If you own a smartphone or tablet, you can easily get the same details through a weather app.

Why use an app instead of opening the website?

Well, the apps will add weather widgets to your smartphone. To get latest weather information in real-time, all you have to do is place the widget on the home screen. That’s it.

When there’s a change in the weather condition, the widget will make you aware of it when your Android device is connected to the internet.

Here’s the list of the best weather apps for Android devices.

Top 5 Best weather app for Android 2017

Note: The below applications keep you updated with data provided by some of the top meteorological departments in the world. The developers of some of these apps have launched their satellites in space. So you can blindly trust these apps for the weather information.

6Yahoo Weather App

The free Yahoo weather app gives users detailed information on temperature, humidity, visibility, sunset and sunrise times of any place. It can forecast weather conditions. This app displays an image from Flickr photo sharing service to describe the climate. It is accurate and has a simple UI.

Yahoo Weather app provides an option to change weather unit from Fahrenheit to Celsius. It allows you to track weather of your favorite locations. The app lets you set a data limit so that it doesn’t consume your mobile data to a large extent. It allows you to turn off weather notifications and animations.

Download Yahoo Weather

5Weather and Radar

WR is yet another widely used Android weather app. You can configure the WR app to show climate details of any place in the world. You can also save your favorite locations and see its weather.

The app updates weather information every few minutes. When the user opens this app, WR detects user’s location and it displays the weather details, the satellite view of their region, the weather forecast for 7/14 days, and a graph that shows the weather trend.

This application features weather radar that displays the places where it is likely to snow, rain, etc.

Download Weather Radar

4MacroPinch Weather

The Weather app by MacroPinch displays weekly and hourly forecasts of your city. You can configure it to show Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature unit.

This free app comes with widgets that display’s information in real-time. This app has a smart and intuitive interface. It detects your location and displays weather accordingly. If this application fails to detect your proximity, you can add your city manually.

The app displays weather condition through an animated image. It also displays the current temperature, climate condition, and the last update time.

When the app is running, it will show the weather details on the lock screen and notification bar.

Download MacroPinch Weather

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WB is a free Android Weather app that fetches data from real-time weather sensors located in the various regions of the world. Like Waze app for Android, WeatherBug notifies users of high traffic places on a map so that people can avoid high traffic places and reach home or office quickly. Like other Weather apps, WB is powered by the Google Maps service.

WeatherBug comes with a location manager utility where you can add as many locations as you want manually. If weather of the place you’ve added through the location manager has worsened or changed unexpectedly, this app will display a notification for the same.

WeatherBug can display the direction of the storm on the map. It displays the places where the lightning is likely to strike. This app provides many features. Hence, it is the largest app on our list of five best Android Weather App of 2017.

Download Weather Bug


AccuWeather is a powerful application that keeps you updated with various climate parameters like dew point, wind speed, precipitation details, sunset, sunrise times, UV index, directions, etc. AccuWeather has a home-screen widget that gets automatically updated with climate details, forecasts, etc.

This app provides an hourly, daily, and weekly forecast of the weather. It has a maps section where you can see the parts of your country where rain has hit. The map will be clear during the summer or spring season. It will boast cloud during the Monsoon or Winter season.

The Weather information in AccuWeather is updated every 15 minutes. AccuWeather supports 12 and 24-hour time formats. It produces graphs of various types. Accuweather brings latest weather videos and news to your mobile phone.

Download Accuweather

So, this was my list of top Android weather apps for your Android smartphone. If you know some other app which is as powerful as the ones mentioned above, please share it with us through a comment.

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