India is a country where smartphones are more popular than tablets. Most people buy a tablet for playing games. For business use or for browsing the internet, they prefer using a PC or a laptop. This is the reason why companies don’t launch tablets in India.

Mini-laptops aka netbooks priced below 10000 INR are great alternatives to tablets. They can run office suites, accounting software, email clients, browsers, etc. You can use them for watching movies, listening to music, but you won’t be able to run games. Students can use the netbooks for writing programs in command line mode.

Below, we’ve covered the cheapest laptops that you can buy in India. Before going through this list, here are a couple of things that you should know.

Who can use the laptops under 10000?
  • College students.
  • Professors, teachers, school staff etc.

The netbooks you’ll find below are not suitable for the users who want to run graphics intensive or RAM hogging software i.e. IDE, video editing software, PhotoShop, Coreldraw, etc.

Best laptops under 10000 in India

Micromax Canvas L1161

Micromax L1161

L1161 carries the quad-core Z3735 processor from Intel. It runs on 64-bit Windows OS and packs Intel graphics chipset.

The laptop packs DDR3 2GB RAM and it includes two micro USB and a single HDMI port. It has a Realtek codec and two speakers. It has an IPS HD 11.6-inch display and MicroSD card.

According to Micromax, L1161 has an amazing battery life. When you charge its battery, this device will be functional for up to 666 minutes.

The Micromax netbook’s weight is 1.31 KG and it has a VGA camera. It supports WiFI connectivity and storage expansion. MMX L1161 is priced at Rs 9900.

iBall Compbook

iBall Netbook - best laptop under 10000 in India

The Netbook from iBall comes with similar specifications as the above device, but its design is different. The keyboard of this device is attached to the display.

The Compbook ships with two speakers and it has an 11.6 inches display having a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It has a VGA web camera. This device is easy to carry around as its weight is 1 kilogram. It has a mini HDMI port and 32-bit Windows 10 operating system (Home Edition).

iBall CBook employs Intel HD graphics, 2GB RAM (DDR3 Type), and Intel Atom processor. It has 2 MB of high-speed cache memory and 32GB storage.

The netbook supports storage expansion with external HDD only. It doesn’t have a MicroSD slot. Buy iBall Compbook costs Rs 10400.

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RDP ThinBook

RDP ThinBook

RDP is a new brand that has launched several budget laptops in India. ThinBook is the company’s cheapest netbook. Many people have bought this device. The reason why I’m recommending this device to you is that the RDP TB has an Intel processor.

ThinkBook offers the 5th Generation X5 processor that has a good clock rate of 1.9 GHz. It offers an HDMI port and multiple USB ports. It includes a Microphone and a MicroSD card slot. The ThinBook has the same size display as the other three laptops we’ve covered in this article. Its display size is 11.6-inch and the resolution is 1024 x 600 pixels.

RDP is one of the few netbooks in 9000 to 12000 INR range to employ 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM. It ships with an Intel high-definition graphics chipset.

According to RDP, this device offers a battery backup of up to 11 hours. ThinBook costs INR 11500 here.

Reach 1130-ECW

RDP thinbook

Meet the most popular and best-selling Reach laptop around 10000 Rs in India. 1130-ECW below 14000 Rs and has nice features. It weighs about 0.99 kilograms and features a chicklet keyboard.

The notebook includes a 5th Generation Atom series Intel Z8350 quad-core 1930 megahertz processor. It provides a web camera, 4GB DDDR3 RAM, Intel graphics chip, and 500GB internal storage memory.

The mini laptop comes with a 14-inch display with IPS panel and touchscreen support. It has a MicroUSB port, which you can use to connect external hard disk drives.

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Conclusion: If you’re searching for an inexpensive laptop under 10000 Rs budget for everyday use or for running MS Office or any other office suite software, buy one of the netbooks we’ve mentioned above.

The netbooks we’ve covered in this article have a quad-core processor. They run on Microsoft OS. They don’t have an ethernet port or a large amount of storage memory. But as the laptops have a USB port, you can save your files to an external HDD or a pen drive.


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    These are good laptop according to budget but if we talk about best one of them. So I recommend iBall Netbook is best than all these.


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