A Personal assistant is nothing but a software that has been designed to automate simple tasks on a computing device. It accepts voice or text commands from the user and converts the input into a function. For example, when you request it to call a specific number, the assistant will find the contact from your handset’s phonebook and it will dial the number. If you ask a tough question, a correct answer will be displayed on your phone’s screen.

One of the most popular and the smartest virtual assistants is the Apple Siri. This app can find answers to any question you ask. Unfortunately, it is available only for IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch.

If you’re searching for a Siri like app for your Android device, go through the list of best Android personal assistant apps we’ve shared below.

Microsoft Cortana

The latest software product from Microsoft corporation is Windows 10 OS for phones and computers. Win 10 will be launched on 29th of July and one of the most talked about and interesting feature of this upcoming OS is the siri like assistant named Cortana. Apart from supporting default features of your phone i.e calling, texting, searching on Google or bing, Cortana for Android might include many more unique features.

According to this Wikipedia page, this app can recognize the music. Thus, you don’t have to use any other app to find audio files stored on your phone. Cortana will be available soon in the play store.

Android Personal Assistant (APA)

Android personal assistant app

It is one of the smartest apps on the play store. APA has been featured in the list of the best apps on several high authority websites like the New York Times, Red Herring, Forbes, etc.

This app works only if you login with your Google, FB account, api.ai account. It can remember your important details like email id, address, phone number, etc. It can perform mathematical operations, open news websites, post status updates on Facebook, etc. It can display the current weather in your area. Assistant supports notes and reminders. It allows you to find or delete a note or reminder. This app helps Uber. Thus, you can easily book a taxi with it.

APA supports customization. Users are allowed to change Assistant avatars, voice, language. They can also change the current app theme by navigating to the settings interface.

While testing this app, I had asked a question “I want a pizza.” APA displayed the nearest restaurants/shops near me that were selling pizzas. My 2nd question was “convert 12GB to MB” The app showed 12000 MB. [download]

AIVC (Alice)


This is a siri alternative for Android that works on phones with Gingerbread, Jelly Bean, Lollipop, ICE OS. It uses voice recognition feature of your Android phone to function as a personal assistant. AIVC can recognize movie titles. It can also make you aware of their ratings. This app can find locations. It can find celebrity age and popular places near you. AIVC can open any app or utility installed on your Android device. It can translate English text into German.[install]



This is a free phone assistant app that has similar requirements as AIVC. Its highlighting feature is the simple UI that makes navigation as easy as cutting a cake. Skyvi supports chatting. It can crack funny jokes and play music files from your phone’s storage memory.

If you’re traveling, skyvi can make you aware of directions to the destination. This app can post a tweet on the micro-blogging website Twitter.

Some of the above apps will display advertisements when your device is connected to the internet. They also have some hidden features that can be unlocked with in app purchases. Cortana is expected to be more modern and accurate than the Skyvi, AVIC and APA.

Please note that the above personal assistants won’t be able to answer useless questions like what is your favorite pet, color, place, etc. You should know these answers. So it is a waste of time to ask such questions. Use the apps only if you want to save time.


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