All your efforts to lose weight can go in a vain if you don’t check your daily calorie intake. You may be doing enough of exercises to burn fat. But if you consume food with high cholesterol, fiber, proteins then your weight will increase.

Obese people are prone to various types of diseases. They may suffer from heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke etc. To get rid of excess fat, you must hit a local gym every day or go out for a long walk. If you want to exercise indoors or track calories you’ve burnt while exercising outdoors, download and use the best health apps we’ve shared below.

6 Best fitness apps for Android – 2017 Edition

7My Diet Diary

MDD is a top-rated fitness app for Android that features a body mass index calculator and a calorie/food tracker. This app can generate several types of reports to make you aware of your progress.

My Diet Diary provides health tips. It enables you to set weight loss goals and gives you access to the following charts:

  • Weight loss
  • Diet summary.
  • Calories burned.

MDD allows users to set reminders so that they can complete the task for the given day. It makes you aware of 50+ exercises.

Download My Diet Diary


LifeSum has a good rating of  4.1 rating on the Google play store. This free fitness app for Android allows you to track your exercises and nutrition. It can sync data with some of your other favorite apps (including Runkeeper). LifeSum shares effective exercise tips with its users.

Download LIfeSum app for Android.

5Calorie Counter by FatSecret

The Calorie Counter fitness app comes with plenty of useful tools. It allows users to keep an eye on their exercise and food intake activities. This app supports voice calling and metric units in English. It comes with a calendar tool which you can use to log your daily activities.

The fitness app from FatSecret has easy to use interface. Like MyFitnessPal, it provides a barcode scanner tool. CC comes with a food diary interface. It can identify food items from their images. It gives users access to healthy food recipes.

Download Calorie Counter

4Lose It

Lose it is a free app that provides similar features as other Android fitness apps we’ve covered here. When you run Lose It app, you’ll be asked to enter your details. Provide accurate details to the app so that it generates an effective weight loss plan for you.

Lose It Android app lets you set daily health goals. It also enables you to track food intake. The app can make its users of various nutrients present in the food they’ve eaten or plan to eat. If you find some of your favorite edible items missing from this app’s database, you can add them manually.

Download Lose It for Android.


This health and fitness app has intelligent features and a large number of users. According to its developers, MyFitnessPal has helped 1000s of people in losing over 100 million pounds of fat.

MFP features a barcode scanner that can be used to track daily food intake. The fitness app can calculate the number of calories you have burnt during a workout. It lets you save your tracking data to cloud storage without any costs.

MyFitnessPal provides information on nutrients present in food items. It allows users to track water intake and has a utility to set daily goals.

The MFP fitness app for Android makes you aware of 299+ exercises that will help you in reducing weight and improving fitness. The app can function as a powerful step counter tool. It supports a plethora of health services.

This app comes with a database that has 2+ million entries of food items. It can track your daily intake of cholesterol, proteins, etc.

Download MyFitnessPal


EM is a free app that allows you to track your daily activities. It functions as your personal fitness trainer. The app uses GPS module on your phone to track the distance you’ve walked, run or cycled.

EndoMondo makes you aware of your average running or walking speed. It displays the number of calories you may have burned during a workout.

The users can configure EndoMondo app to make you aware of every goal you’ve achieved. To use this feature, you must set a goal.

EndoMondo saves your fitness data to a log file. It provides various reporting tools. The EM app for Android supports third-party health apps and services which include Google Fit, MyFitness Pal, etc.

Download Endomondo

Conclusion: To make sure that your mission to get rid of excess body fat is successful, you should track your workouts and calorie count every day. Your smartphone or tablet will be a great companion for you in this task. All you have to do is install any one of the above best fitness apps for Android and use it regularly.



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