SysGauge is a real-time system resource monitoring tool for Windows XP and later operating systems. It is a free tool developed and launched by Flexense.

The program comes with a simple UI. On its main Window, you’ll find the real-time status of the CPU, RAM modules, disk space, disk I/O, and network transfer rate.

Apart from this six resources, SysGauge program allows you to monitor USB, file system, OS, and process activity. The resources in the program are called counters.

Like the Windows task manager tool, SysGauge generates a graph in real time to make you aware of the processor usage.

Below the graph, you’ll find a table that provides details on the current, average, minimum, and maximum usage of the system resources.

By default, the SysGuage system monitoring software is configured to display information of six system resources. You can monitor other critical resources easily with it.

sysgauge free real time windows performance monitoring

To do so, click on the Monitor option on the menu bar and select Counter.

The main interface/Window of SysGuage boasts a status bar where you’ll find the monitoring status and a number of errors/warnings the program has detected/encountered while monitoring the system.

SysGauge monitoring tool lets users create and save profiles.

It offers a System Analyzer tool that creates a report on system performance and resource usage details.

SysGauge lets you save the reporting data to a file of the below formats:

  • CSV, XML, or Excel.

You can configure the program to trigger an alert or play notification sounds when the resource usage has hit a certain level.

To use this feature, double click on the resource name from the table. Now, SysGuage will open a small window with 5 buttons – add, delete, edit, cancel, and OK. Click the add button and set the conditions.

SysGuage allows users to pause, stop or resume the system monitoring task. It lets you change the layout of the toolbar interface. It offers a settings panel through which you can:

  • Add or remove new shortcuts on the toolbar.
  • Enable or disable email notifications.
  • Configure proxy.
  • Change notification sound files, etc

The program lets you export or import settings. It comes with a message console interface where you’ll find a list of various errors Windows OS reported when SysGauge was active.

SysGuage requires about 15 megabytes HDD space (download link). It doesn’t require plenty of RAM to function.

Conclusion: SysGuage is an impressive program that makes monitoring of crucial system resources easier. It provides an option to create useful reports through which you can optimize the performance of the system. It is similar to Wise System Monitor software for Windows.


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