If you are a Windows administrator, you can improve your productivity by using program that provides plenty of remote desktop management utilities on a single interface. An all-in-one program will improve your performance because you won’t have to remember and type commands in the command prompt or open individual Windows Admin tools on your PC.

Today, we’ll make you aware of a free software called Windows Admin Tools that allows you to perform a variety of tasks on a remote computer. The program is user-friendly and has a good interface.

Free Windows Tools for managing remote computers

The free program works on computers powered by Windows XP and later OS and Pentium 733 MHz or higher processor. You can download it on your PC from manageengine.com.

The program’s setup file size is 5.3 megabyte.

To get started with the Free Windows Admin Tools, you must add a domain. To do so, click on the settings menu and chose the Add Domain option.

free windows admin tools

The program enables you to enter a username and password for a fully qualified domain name or Workgroup. Once your domain is set up, the Free Windows Admin Tools software will ask users to select the computers which they want to manage.

Click on the Add Computer option. The program will scan the network and will list the computers it finds.

The main interface of the software has a tabbed interface with the following options:

Manage computers

Here, you’ll find the following options:

Software inventory: With this tool, you can get the details of the software installed on any computer connected to the same network.

Remote Task Manager: The program allows you to use the task manager on a remote PC so that you can check its CPU, RAM, network usage.

Device information: To get information on the OS and hardware of the computer, click on this option.

Laptop battery power: Click on this option to check the battery power of the laptops connected to the same network.

Other options that you’ll find on this interface are as follows:

Manage Networks

Through this interface, you can shut down or restart a remote PC or wake it up over the LAN connection and update the GPO.


This interface enables you to manage domains. You can create a group of domains and manage them.

Conclusion: If you spend some time in exploring the web, you’ll find plenty of free RDP programs for Windows. FWAT from Manage Engine is one of the simplest programs among the lot. It offers up 14 administration tools.


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