Wise System Monitor 1.41 is a free PC monitoring tool that reveals several important details of your PC and lets you know which processes are sending data over the network or using a high amount of system resources i.e. CPU and RAM.

The Wise System Monitor is an excellent alternative to the Windows Task Manager. Its UI is neat and has a simple navigation option in the form of a tabbed interface.

The main Window of WSM flaunts three tabs i.e. Processor Monitor, Hardware monitor, and Operating System.

In the 1st tab, you’ll find a list of all active system and third-party application processes. This tab displays the total number of system and user processes. It shows the option to display only the user or system processes. This interface shows the below details of each process:

  • Name, CPU usage.
  • Memory usage, Received and sent packets in megabytes/kilobytes format.
  • The name of the process owner.

Users are allowed to sort the processes by the details mentioned above. To access the advanced options like block network access, get detailed information on the active processes or to terminate it, hover the mouse cursor on the PName and click on the drop-down list icon.

wise system monitor 1.41 download processes

In Windows OS, you have to add a firewall rule to block internet access to individual programs. WSM lets you do the same with just two clicks of the mouse.

The Wise System Monitor tool shows the real-time network data transfer activity, RAM and CPU usage in a small floating Window. The user can drag this Window to their favorite position, or they can hide it.

Like the free System Information Viewer software Speccy, WSM makes the users aware of important details of the PC or laptop hardware. Click on the Hardware Monitor Tab on the main window of WSM to get hardware details. Version 1.41 makes you aware of the several important details of the below hardware components.

  • Processor manufacturer, type, family, version, L2 cache, thread count, etc.
  • Mainboard (Motherboard) manufacturer, version, serial number, board type, bios version, the number of memory slots.
  • Memory form factor, data width, size, speed, type, manufacturer.
  • GPU’s memory clock speed, current clock-speed, VRAM, current temperature.
  • HDD’s partition count, size, temperature, bytes per sector, sectors per track, etc.
  • Full details of the network adapter (MAC, IP address and more).
  • Sound card information.

WSM hardware monitoring tool

If you’re interesting in getting the details of the operating system, click on the OS tab.

Wise System Monitor is designed to run on 32 bits and 64bits of Windows XP, 10, 8.1, Vista and 8 OS. It is a lightweight application which doesn’t affect the Windows task manager or any other active or inactive program. It takes less than six megabytes of storage memory.

WSM consumes < 20 megabytes RAM when it is active. Download its setup file from wisecleaner.com to install the system monitoring tool on your computer. Use Wireshark to generate comprehensive network analysis reports.


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