Many people don’t like the Windows operating system because it doesn’t make you aware or outdated software. Developers introduce security update for their Windows application often. Hence, you’ll have to update the program to fix the security issues on your PC.

Most windows applications inform users about a new update only when they open it. If you’ve installed plenty of applications, it’s not possible for you to check each program. In such case, you should consider using a tool that allows you to update programs without opening them.

uCheck is a new program that handles the task of identifying and updating outdated applications on your computer. It has been developed by AdLice software, the developer of the popular free anti-malware program RogueKiller.

uCheck program updated Adlice software

The developer has launched the following 32-bit, 64-bit and portable versions of uCheck.

To update your software, download uCheck on your PC from and install it. The program’s installer file size is 25 megabytes.

How to use uCheck?

The uCheck program has a simple tabbed interface.


To update the outdated programs, click the Home tab. The interface boasts a button with label start. To find the list of programs that are not up to date, click on this button and wait for the uCheck program to analyze the software you’ve installed on your PC.


Once the uCheck program finishes analyzing your system, you can update out of date programs from the update tab. uCheck will display a list of programs along with an option to download the update.


uCheck lets users manage the programs on their PC. This interface flaunts a table that makes you aware of the following details of programs.

  • Name, version, type (32 or 64-bit).
  • Company, size, full path to the executable file.

The interface lets you hide or show Microsoft programs from the list so that you won’t uninstall them accidentally.


In this section, uCheck will display a list of free programs that you may find useful. Installing the recommended software is optional.


Settings interface has two options – change language and theme. The options available in this interface are locked for the users who are using the free version of uCheck. Only pro users have access to it.

Conclusion: Unfortunately, uCheck recognizes only a handful of programs. According to the program, my laptop has 181 programs. Out of the 181 applications, uCheck found four outdated programs. The current version of the free software updater from AdLice doesn’t support popular freeware yet.


  1. Tigzy

    Hey, thanks for your review!
    Yes we only support 40 (popular) software right now, as part of the BETA program.
    This list will increase a lot, and quickly, once the version 1 will be released! 🙂


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