SpywareBlaster is a widely used free Windows security software. It blocks installation of malware, Adware, potentially unwanted programs, and spyware on the computer.

Unlike other security tools, SpywareBlaster leaves up to the user to enable or disable the feature they want to use. In addition to this, the program provides an option to turn on/off its entire features in a single click. The program is lightweight, fast and easy to use.

When you run Spyware Blaster, the application checks whether you have installed the internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser or not.

Once it finishes recognizing the browsers, SpywareBlaster will display the option to enable browser protection.

Top features of the SpywareBlaster software

SpywareBlaster download review

Restricted portals

Malicious websites are the primary cause of adware, malware or spyware infections on the PC.

To make sure that you don’t open them accidentally and download a dangerous executable file, Spyware blaster comes with the Restricted sites feature

The program maintains a list of over 1000 websites that execute malicious code on the visitor’s computer and install dreaded spyware like CoolWebSearch, OrbitExplorer, etc

The Restricted website feature is disabled by default. You can enable it by selecting the checkbox displayed on the “Restricted Sites” interface.

You can configure the Spyware Blaster program to ignore certain websites. If you think a website is clean and has been mistakenly added to the Restricted sites list of the program, you can turn off protection for it.

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System Snapshot

Spywareblaster system snapshot

Spyware blaster allows users to create a backup of important system and browser settings. If anything goes wrong while you’re using the program, you can restore the settings.

Other tools

SpywareBlaster packs the following utilities:

Host safe: This utility lets you create an encrypted copy of the Windows host file. If a malware modifies the original file, you can restore the clean version of the Win hosts file with this tool.

Flash Killer: This tool allows you to prevent loading of flash content on web pages opened in the Internet Explorer browser. The latest version of Chrome and Firefox block Macromedia flash files by default. Hence, SpywareBlaster doesn’t provide an option to disable flash on the two browsers.

Custom blocking: With this tool, you can disable the execution of ActiveX components.

spywareblaster tools

Auto updates

SpywareBlaster refers a locally stored database to identify threats on the system. You should update the database of the program on regular basis. To do so, activate the automatic update feature of SB.

Conclusion: SpywareBlaster is a great tool to keep malware, AdWare, and spyware away from the computer. It has a simple UI and easy to understand features.

The only limitation of this tool is that it doesn’t remove malicious programs from your PC. If your computer has been infected with a malicious program, you can use Hitman Pro, Avast or Free Panda Antivirus to remove the infection.

Download SpywareBlastere here from Brightfort.com (official website of the developer)


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