System Mechanic is a tuneup tools alternative that fixes problems related to HDD, SSD, Windows registry, etc. It can optimize your internet speed. System Mechanic also improves the speed of your Windows computer or laptop.

This PC tuneup software is available as free to download and paid versions. The free version can be downloaded from the official IOLO website. To get the paid version, you’ll have to spend 40 dollars to purchase a license.

System Mechanic runs on all major platforms of Windows operating system. I remember using it on Windows XP PC 6 years ago. Now, I’m using it on my Windows 7 powered computer. Below we’ve shared a detailed review of the latest version of system mechanic software (latest edition) will make you aware of every important feature of this software.

System Mechanic review 2016

If you’ll start this PC tuneup application from windows desktop or start menu shortcut, you’ll see 2 options (tutorial and features) and skip this screen button. If you’re a first time user, you can go through the system mechanic tutorials before you start using it.

Features option will display information on the set of tools and utilities that this software has to offer. Advanced users can click on skip this screen to load the main application system mechanic software for Windows XP, 7, 8 or 8.1

The main system mechanic window features a scan button and the below options in tabbed interface.

Problems: Here you’ll find all major and minor problems that are responsible for the slow performance of your PC. System mechanic software can repair every problem it detects. It will make you aware of registry errors, security vulnerabilities, storage space consumed by Windows temp folder, log files, etc. It will also recommend you some settings that will make your system more responsive and fast.

system mechanic review 2015

Internet security: This PC tuneup software allows you to turn off/on your computer/laptop’s antivirus system through this tab.

Live boost: This tab has 4 options, real-time status, configuration, manager power sense, recent activity. The real-time status will automatically scan your RAM, CPU, and HDD. If it detects any problem, this software will make users aware of it in real time.

system mechanic 3

Configuration: In this section, you are allowed to change power-sense modes and settings. You’re also allowed to turn on/off the below features:

OptiCore: This feature will automatically kill all unused windows applications that are wasting CPU cycles. This PC tuneup software for windows will display your system’s responsiveness in percentage.

RamJet: It frees RAM consumed by unused applications. Here you’ll also see the volume of RAM freed by the software.

Accelewrite: This feature improves the HDD/SSD disk read-write operation. It also eliminates the need for running windows disk defragmenter application on your PC.

ActiveCare: If you don’t have time to run the system mechanic scanner, you can visit its ActiveCare section to automate system optimization tasks.

system mechanic 4

Toolbox: This is one of the best features of System mechanic software. Here you’ll find individual tools to accelerate your PC, fix registry, HDD or SSD related errors, clean up memory used by log and temporary system files, etc.

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Reports: In this section, you’ll find various reports that are generated and maintained by system mechanic software. Unlike many similar apps, System mechanic records every resource it cleaned, errors it fixed on a daily basis.

This section also covers the energy efficiency report. This report is useful if you’re using a laptop or a Chromebook. It will recommend you some settings that will improve your notebook’s battery performance.

system mechanic 5

Internet speed optimizer: If your internet connection or download speed is slow, you can try to improve it by running the Internet optimizer tool of System Mechanic. This utility will fix networking related software problems on your PC.

Memory requirements: System mechanic consumed just 112 megabytes on my system. It used the same volume of RAM when I used the inbuilt scanning and errors repairing tools of this PC tuneup software.

Well, these very the important tools and utilities offered by System Mechanic. The features are good. Thus, the software is worth its 40 dollars price tag.


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    Comment:why is System Mechenic is so Expensive or is it because its not South African Product?


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