If used correctly, computers save time, manpower, and improves the productivity of an employee. Industries know the importance of computers. Hence, they practice automation.

Windows OS provides a basic tool in the form of task scheduler for automating jobs. Most Sysadmins and developers follow the below  steps for automating tasks in Windows OS:

  1. Create a batch file.
  2. Configure the scheduler to execute the file at a specific time.

The batch file has code to perform some action. It has .BAT extension. If you don’t know how to program a BAT file, you should use a third-party tool for automating Windows task. One of the best software for the same is Pulover Macro creator.

PMC is a free program inspired by the AutoHotkey language. It is a robust tool which serves various purposes. Let’s learn how to use the program.

How to automate any Windows task with the Pulover Macro recorder?

On startup, the Pulover Macro recorder asks you to choose the Window layout of your preference. Once you select the layout, click on the file menu and select the new option.

automate any task with the pulover macro creator

Now, click on the button with the red dot icon. The main window will now minimize to the taskbar and a small toolbar will appear floating on the desktop. Pulover begins recording a macro when the user presses the F9 button on the keyboard. The same key stops recording.

Users who run Pulover Macro Recorder on a Windows laptop may have issues with the F9 button. On my laptop, the key turns off the display. To prevent this, you must change the hotkey for recording the macro. To do so, click on the options menu and select settings.

Select recording option on the left sidebar. Click on the textbox below the start/stop record label and specify the hotkey of your choice.

Once the recording stops, you can automate the recorded task by clicking on the Play button. You should save the macro before quitting the program. PMC saves the recorded instructions to a file with PMC extension.

The program allows you to change the code of a recorded macro. To edit a line, right-click on it and choose the edit menu option. The PMC software allows you to send the captured macro through email. You can convert the recorded code to a function. Use this feature to automate several jobs from a single macro.

Pulover for Windows helped me record the following macros

The software allows you to create an AHK script which can be read and executed by the AutoHotkey utility for Windows OS. You can download its setup file from the developer’s website.


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