Creating a new partition from the existing drive or unallocated space is easy in Windows, but you need a third party software to execute advanced operations like merge, split, clone a full partition. This is because the default Windows disk management tool lack these functions. There are a lot of paid or premium software that supports these operations. There are some free applications too.

Paid software is suitable for business or enterprises that use computers or servers with 8+ terabyte storage memory. Their free versions are useful for a single user.

EaseUS Partition Master is a powerful software that can be installed without any costs on Windows machines equipped with max 8TB storage hardware. It supports many advanced functions (including the ones we’ve shared in the 1st paragraph). It is one of the best partitions software for Windows (free versions).

Pro version of this software is priced at 30 to 40 dollars, and it has the below features:

  • Command line support.
  • Covert dynamic partition to basic.
  • Create WinPE bootable disks.
  • Dynamic volume resizer.

Note: Use the free partition master if you’re not comfortable with advanced disk utilities because your data might be deleted permanently if you run a tool without having its knowledge. Also, make sure that you use Piriform CCleaner (or similar app) to free up space wasted by useless files on Windows. If heaps of storage memory is released, the disk operations will execute faster.

EaseUS partition master review: disk management software for Windows

Requirements and Setup

EaseUS Partition Master requires 131 Megabyte storage memory. Its installer file size is around 28 MB.

During installation, the software will present you the options to change installation path, create desktop, quick launch icons and join customer experience program.

For this review, I’ve checked the 1st two buttons and kept the installation folder as it is.

During the setup, EaseUS Partition MASTER will also prompt you to install some top applications like EaseUS Todo backup and recovery, AVG PC Tune UP, etc. You can ignore them if you’re interested only in the partition management.

Notable features

EaseUS Partition master review 2015

Before opening its primary interface, EaseUS partition manager will request you to close other applications before running any of its tools. Follow the instruction if you want to perform a disk operation without losing data.

The free edition of this software is bundled with a lot of useful tools. It allows the user to:

Set passwords: If your PC is being used by kids, siblings or your parents, setting a password will prevent unauthorized access to partition management tools of this software. If you ignore this feature, a child might unknowingly delete a partition.

Resize or Move Partition: This tool supports SSD optimization. It will prompt you to select the starting and ending point of the partition and the volume of memory you want to free. Use this feature if you want to move a lot of files from one drive to the other.

Copy: This feature will allow you to copy the full partition on another volume label.

Merge: Merging two partitions is an easy task with this EasUS software. If your system is not crashing or if you’re using a laptop, Merging 2 drives will result in 0 percent loss of data. The wizard will request you to select the 1st partition and then the other. For successful merging of 2 partitions, just follow the wizard instructions.

Wipe: If you want to erase data from a drive, use this tool. The erase wizard will display an option to select the number of times the wipe operation should be executed on the selected partition.

Error checker: Windows has a great partition checking will that will say automatically fix system error when you start or reboot the PC. You should use this tool instead of error checker of EaseUS Partition Master.

Hide partition: If you don’t want your kids or other users to access confidential files stored on your PC, use the hide partition feature of this software. The hide tool will change drive letters. If the drive is shared, other local computers will not be able to access it when the drive label is changed.

Before executing any of the above operations, make sure that you’ve created a backup in a partition where you’ve not installed Windows operating system. If anything goes wrong (your system crashes for some reason), your data will be safe and you can restore it after reinstalling Windows.

Partition Recovery: If a partition has been damaged or if you are not able to access the files stored in it, run this tool. This feature can be used when your system crashed due to hardware failure, virus, malware, accidental deletion of important Windows file, etc.

Partition recovery wizard


Plenty of features: EaseUS Partition Master packs with a lot of useful features, and you don’t have to buy a license for using them. It is a good alternative to Partition Magic and other similar paid software.

Good Interface: Like other free software launched by EaseUS, Partition Master boasts a beautiful UI. It has a menu bar with seven options, a toolbar, and a status bar. This software makes smart use of tables and split windows. Thus, the navigation is easy.


No offline help pages: If you need help on a topic, you will have to access the EaseUS website. The software has a help button on each of its modules. Clicking on this button will load the help page in your default Windows browser.

Software Downloads: Every time you run the EaseUS Partition Master, you’ll see a window that recommends the user to install some software. The developers should have added do not show this next time button because many users will be irritated to see this window.

If you don’t want to see this window, follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the icon of this software and select the open file location.
  2. Delete the EPMSmartLoader.exe file in the installation folder and right-click on epm0 file.
  3. Select create desktop shortcut option.
  4. Rename the shortcut on the desktop and open it.

Disk information

Open the below link to download EaseUS Partition Master:

Conclusion: The software is a perfect tool for the users who want to perform basic disk operations like cloning, splitting, merging, resizing, etc. It is fast and user-friendly. You can install it by opening the above link in any browser on Windows 10, 7 and 8.1 OS.


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