Although Windows provides an option to delete files completely, the data recovery program may be able to recover deleted files by scanning every sector of the hard disk drive.

To make sure that the files are not recoverable, you should use disk shredding tools. Popular file shredding tools have plenty of features. Users that aren’t comfortable with advanced options will not use the program. This is because the user may be scared when they come across warning messages while using the tool.

One more reason why people may give up using the data shredder software is that the program asks users to choose a secure delete algorithm. Oh common! How can a person without the knowledge of algorithm decide the algorithm?

If you’re searching for a program that securely erases data from the HDD, you should try out the open source Permadelete app for Windows.

permadelete - permanently delete files from Windows

Permadelete has three functions – shred files, folders and cancel the task. It doesn’t have a toolbar or a menubar. Although it is a great file shredding tool for non-technical users, you should use the program carefully.

To delete files, open the program by clicking on its desktop shortcut icon and navigate to the folder where you’ve stored the files.

Permadelete provides a drag and drop interface. To wipe files, you have to drag the file on the program’s main interface.

Once you do so, Permadelete will display a dialog box with two buttons. Tap on the button with the label “Shred it” to wipe the file.

Once you specify the file, the tool deletes it from the hard disk drive. After Permadelete completes its task, you can’t recover the file.

The program allows you to secure delete folders. To use this option, drag and drop a folder/multiple folders to the main window of Permadelete.

Now, you’ll see a dialog interface. Click on the shred button and Permadelete will get into action.

The 3rd function of the Permadele Shredder will be functional only when you try to permanently delete a large number of files. If you don’t want the program to erase the file completely, click on the cancel button.


  • Fast.
  • Simple UI.
  • Lightweight.


  • The options to wipe files disappear when the user changes the Window size of the program.

Conclusion: Permadelete is a small application which runs on Windows XP and its successors. It takes about 3 to 4 megabytes space on your HDD and has a simple UI. The program doesn’t have any special settings and it is fast. Download Permadelete from Github.


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