The latest version of the popular app updating utility Patch My PC is now available for download. The program now supports over 250 apps. It also ships with new features.

Patch My PC (Version 4.x) has a beautiful and intuitive interface. The software’s main window is divided into five sections. The 1st section displays the following options:

Apps: This utility of the Patch My PC software allows you to find and update the outdated programs.

Options: Users must click on the options menu to disable or enable the following features of Patch My PC:

  • Auto start updates.
  • Turn on/off beta features.
  • Shutdown the program after updates.
  • Enable or disable minimize to tray feature.
  • Create a restore point before updating, etc.

Uninstaller: Patch My PC allows users to remove unwanted apps with its Uninstaller utility. By default, it displays all applications and Windows updates you’ve installed on your PC. You can make the list shorter by selecting the “Hide Windows updates” option.

Patch My PC

Scheduler: This feature of Patch My PC lets users schedule app update tasks. You can configure the Scheduler to update outdated applications every day, week, or after ‘N’ days. Before you start using this feature, PMP will download a 301 Kb DLL file from its server.

For some reasons, PMP displayed an error when I clicked on the “Download DLL” option. The error disappeared when I restarted the application. The scheduler of PMP is a powerful utility. It ensures that the programs on your PC are up to date.

As it is a portable application, PMP won’t create a shortcut on the desktop. Also, it won’t add a start menu entry. To make sure that you’re using the latest version of your favorite program, move its executable file to the desktop or configure PMP’s scheduler.

Supported apps

Patch My PC supports 302 popular applications. It displays the programs in a list. Besides the name of the program, you’ll find a checkbox. Apps that you’ve installed on your computer will appear as selected.

To the right side of the list, you’ll find a large text area that boasts the names of apps. Applications that are highlighted in green color are up to date. Programs whose names appear in the red color are outdated. To update the application, tap on the “Update Selected Apps” option.

When you do so, PMP will download the latest installer file of the outdated programs. Then, it will update the programs.

Patch My PC found 7 outdated applications on my laptop. While it was downloading and installing updates, PMP didn’t crash or affect the Windows OS performance.

Discover new apps

Apart from updating outdated programs, PMP lets users install new applications on their computer. To make it easy for the user to find new programs, PMP sorts applications into the following categories:

  • Browsers.
  • Media.
  • Runtimes/Plugins, etc.

Hardware requirements

PMP is a lightweight, free, and portable application. It takes about 2 megabytes storage memory on a computer. When it is running, PMP consumes up to 10 MB RAM.


If you’ve downloaded a portable version of the program that is mentioned on the list of supported apps, PMP may fail to detect the program because it doesn’t allow users to specify scan locations. This is the only drawback of PMP.

Conclusion: Patch My PC is a powerful app updater tool. It packs many features. It is easy to use and has a nice interface.

Download PMP for Windows


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