As games are multi-threaded applications, a gaming computer should have a powerful CPU and a graphics card that can handle several processes simultaneously.

Games are graphics intensive application. To run them flawlessly, your computer or laptop must be equipped with a dual-core or a quad-core AMD or Intel processor. If your PC lacks one, you won’t be able to run your favorite game. Well, gaming is not the only reason for a PC to have a high-quality CPU.

Software installed on your existing system can deliver better performance. A powerful multi-core processor also lets you run many types of applications at a time. Today, we’ll share some of the top-rated CPU for gaming. You can use the processors we’ve shared below to build a gaming PC or upgrade your existing computer or the laptop for better performance:

Best processors in India for budget gaming PC

AMD A6-6400K Processor

amd a6-6400k - Best cpu for Gaming Laptops or PC

A6-6400K is a 4.1 GHz clock speed set dual-core low budget processor below Rs 5000. It supports DDR3 memory whose bandwidth can be up to 21GB/s. The CPU ships with an HD Radeon 8470 graphics chipset. It uses FM2 socket type and supports virtualization.

The CPU requires 65 watts power and it is ideal for desktop computers. Its price is within 4000 to 5000 Rupees.

AMD A10 7850K Processor

amd a10 7850k - Best Processor in India for Gaming Laptops or PC

You can consider AMD 10 as one of the best processors in India for budget gaming PC. It is a masterpiece from AMD. A10-7850K Black edition has four cores CPU that clocks at 4GHz speed. It has an impressive 8MB of L2 and L3 caches that ensure the powerful performance of the software + operating system.

This CPU supports virtualization technology and it uses AMD FM2 socket. It supports SDRAM modules of DDR3 architecture. Buyers of this device will get an installation guide and an AMD certificate for proving that the product is authentic.

The AMD 10 Black Edition supports connectivity with up to 4 displays at a time. It is built on AMD HSA high-performance computing architecture. Its price is within 11000 to 12000 INR.

AMD FX6300

If you think that the price of the above gaming CPU is a bit high, then you can go for AMD FX6300. This CPU offers six-core cores for computing. It sports an AMD AM3+ Socket and has 3500 megahertz clock speed.

The FX6300 AMD CPU requires 95 watts input power. You can use it for 3D modeling, gaming, etc. The processor’s price is within 8000 to 9000 INR.

Intel I3 3220

Intel core i3 processor under 10000 Rupees

I3 is a third generation Intel Core I series processor. It is one of the best-selling CPUs in India. The processor is ideal for the users who are planning to build a gaming PC on a reasonable budget. The reason for the same is the low price tag of Intel I3 3220.

The Intel processor supports up to 32GB RAM and it provides 3 megabytes cache memory. It has a great bandwidth of 25 GB/s and has an impressive clock speed of up to 3.3 GHz. The CPU provides four threads and has a 64-bit architecture.

The price of Intel IR 3220 is Rupees 9000. I3 3220 is one of the best processors in India for building a gaming PC.

Intel Core i5 6400k CPU

Intel Core i5 Skylake - Best CPU for Gaming Laptops or PC

For those who prefer using Intel dual-core processors for gaming, 6400K is one of the best available choices. It is a 64bit Architecture based Skylake series high-performance CPU. It clocks at 2.7 GHz per second.

This quad-core chipset comes with an impressive bus speed of 5 GB/sec. It features an impressive 6 megabyte Intel smart cache. It supports virtualization and 2 memory channels at a time. You can install it on systems with 32 GB RAM. This CPU is integrated with an Intel HD 4000 650 MHz GPU.

Intel I5 6400K supports 4k resolution. It packs LGA 1151 socket and supports DDR3 RAM modules. It’s priced within 14000 to 15000 Rupees.

AMD Ryzen

AMD Ryzen

AMD new line of processors i.e. Ryzen are as powerful as the Intel 7th Generation processors. The benchmark scores of AMD Ryzen 5/3 and Core i5/i3 series processor is the same.

AMD Ryzen processors are budget-friendly and support AM4 motherboards. Most importantly, the Ryzen series processors are easy to install.

AMD has launched several VR ready Ryzen processors in India. The below three processors are popular among the gamers:

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Intel Core i7 6440L, 7700K and 8700k processor

intel core i7-6400k Top 5 Best Processor for Gaming Laptops or PC

Yet another powerful processor for a gaming laptop or PC, 6400K from Intel clocks at 3.5/3.9 GHz speed. It has 8MB L3 and a 256K L2 cache memory. It also includes 8MB of Intel smart cache. This processor supports maximum 32 GB of main memory. It has a nice bus speed of 5 GT/S.

6400k supports turbo boost and virtualization too. It comes with an embedded HD graphics chipset. This CPU has 1 PCI expansion slot. You can mount it on motherboards belonging to Intel 170 series.

Intel’s 7700K Core i7 processor has a base and maximum clock speed of 4.2 and 4.50 GHz respectively. If you think 6 and 7th gen Intel processors have become outdated, the Core i7 8700K CPU is for you. This beast has 6 processing cores, 12 threads, and a maximum clock speed of 4.7 GHz. It also features 12 MB Intel Smart cache memory.

The i7 processors are priced within 25000 to 35000 INR.


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