Kaspersky, a company behind several popular security products has launched the System Checker tool through which you can find various issues in Windows operating system running on your PC.

The Kaspersky System Checker runs a diagnostic tool to find security threats, vulnerable extensions, software and hardware related problems.

The tool is easy to use. You have to download its portable executable file and run it. The program will ask the user to accept terms and conditions. Then, it runs a deep scan operation. Depending on the number of files your PC has and your processor’s speed, Kaspersky System Checker may take 30 seconds to 10 minutes to finish its scanning task.

While KSC scans the folders and files, it shows a progress bar to indicate the current status of the scanner.

The program identifies the following issues:

  • Malware threats.
  • Hardware device problems.
  • Critical Windows update issues.
  • User Account Control problems.
  • Abnormal size of Windows Temp folder.
  • Abnormal system uptime value, firewall and antivirus configuration.
  • Modified system files.
  • And more.

Once the scanning completes, Kaspersky System Checker shows a new window with the below three tabs:

1) Detected Items

kaspersky system checker

Here, you’ll find various issues the KSC program has found. If the issue is with a file, KSC will show the full path to the file.

The program lets you save the list of issues to an HTML file. Once you fix the issue, you can run the Kaspersky System Checker scanner once again by clicking on the Rescan Now button.

2) System Information

kaspersky system checker system information

If you’re the only user of your laptop or PC, you can ignore this section. If multiple users are using the same computer, you should review the issues found in this section.

Here, the user will find a list of programs, full system information, and browser extensions that are active in their system.

The programs are categorized into the following three types:

  • Recently installed.
  • Large Programs.
  • Infrequently used.

The Kaspersky System Checker program enables Windows Administrator to remove programs from PC from its interface. The user will have to delete extensions manually by opening the browser.

Additional Info

kaspersky system checker additional information

Here, the program shows the list of issues which are not critical but still needs to be addressed by the user for better stability of the system.

Here’s what I found in the Addition Info tab after running KSC:

KSC finds privacy and security related problems with the Internet Explorer browser.

The Kaspersky System Checker finds drives that are running low on space and recommends users to run the disk cleaner tool to fix the issue.

KSC is a portable freeware for Windows XP and later OS, which users can download on their PC from the Kaspersky website.

Conclusion: Kaspersky System Checker is a free tool to find Windows issues. The program highlights problems but it doesn’t provide a solution for fixing them. It doesn’t modify system or user generated files. Hence, it is safe.


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