I am not using a Windows operating system since 2017. I was annoyed by many features of the Microsoft OS. I had no option but to switch to another operating system.

Here are the 5 most annoying things of the Windows OS (according to me):

Very large updates: Windows OS gets updates every 2/3 months. When a new version of Windows or a major update is rolled out, you’ll have to download 5 to 10 GB of files. Even if the updater downloads the file, the updater might fail to recognize it. Then, you must follow idiotic tutorials that ask you to re-download the downloaded files and re-run the Windows updater. This has happened with me a couple of times. 6/7 months back, I thought that the OS might have improved. I had downloaded the full update in 3/4 hours and for some reasons, the updater failed to install it. Since then, I’ve never looked back.

Poor downloader: The person who has written the code of the downloading Windows OS update files should be fired from Microsoft. The downloader uses 90 to 95% network bandwidth. Browsing the internet while it is active becomes frustrating. Imagine you’re watching a new show or movie on Netflix. While you’re watching, the OS starts downloading the updates.In this case, you must either wait for the download to complete or kill the task which is downloading. Although you can defer the updates, why should you provide a special time to a software?

Increases the cost of using PC: According to major antivirus review websites, Windows Defender is not a complete security software. You must buy a premium antivirus software to beef up the security of your PC. Antivirus software may cost 10 to 50 dollars.

Pre-installed unwanted apps: When you install a fresh copy of Windows 10 OS, you’ll find a lot of apps in the start menu. Some of these applications waste RAM by running in the background.

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You must update individual programs by yourself: When a developer or third-party company makes a new version of their product available for download, you must download and update the application manually. If you’re using Linux, a single command will do the job of finding updates of the applications and the OS. You don’t have to use third-party software updaters if you are a Linux OS user.

Conclusion: The Windows 10 OS is great but the developers working on Windows OS patches have made it irritating. I hope Microsoft makes the operating system less frustrating.


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