The Microsoft Windows 10 OS starts plenty of background services when you run it. To know what features are active on their PC, most users of the Windows OS will open the service manager tool or the task manager utility of the OS.

The task manager tool displays a list of processes and their CPU, memory, and network usage. Service manager utility displays a list of 50+ services which include processes that transfer your personal data to Microsoft data centers.

The Engineers working on the Windows 10 operating system use this data to make improvements to the OS and fix bugs. To control what information the Windows 10 OS is sharing with Microsoft Engineers, you’ll have to identify and turn off various services on your PC.

Finding and turning off these services is an easy task for a seasoned Windows user. The inexperienced users will have to use a free Windows 10 privacy and Antispyware tool to prevent the OS from sharing their data.

One of the best tools to fix privacy issues on Windows 10 OS is O&O ShutUp10. SU10 is a free program that allows you to manage various features on your computer.

How to use O&O ShutUp10?

The main interface of the program features two sections, a toolbar, and a panel. The ShutUp10 groups 50+ Windows 10 OS features into the following categories:

  1. Security.
  2. Microsoft Windows Defender and SpyNet.
  3. Privacy.
  4. Microsoft Edge browser.
  5. Synchronization of Windows settings.
  6. Location services.
  7. Windows updates.
  8. User behavior.
  9. Lock screen.
  10. Miscellaneous settings.

The categories are displayed in the panel. Below the category name, you’ll find a list of Windows 10 OS features and a toggle option to disable or enable it.

O&O ShutUp10 windows privacy tool

If you click on the toggle button, O&O ShutUp10 will create a system restore point. Then, it will turn on/off the selected service.

The program highlights the services which you can disable safely with a red color exclamation icon.

Services which you must enable are marked with a small green check mark or yellow triangle icon.

Apart from the list of services and features of the Windows OS, the interface of the program flaunts a toolbar embedded with a search box and three drop-down menus.

The menu bar gives you access to the following tools:

1) Settings importer/exporter: If you’re upgrading Windows OS or reinstalling it, you should use the export settings feature to backup the settings.

The backup file contains a list of services/features you’ve disabled. The import option lets you restore the settings.

To run the import or export settings utility, click on the file drop-down menu.

2) Bulk enable or disable features: O&O ShutUp10 tool enables users to turn on or disable the recommended and unnecessary features on a single click. To access these functions, click on the Actions menu.

The O&O ShutUp10 tool allows you to shortlist or find services by their name. To use this feature, enter a search term in the search box.

O&O ShutUp10 is a powerful tool that enables you to turn off various annoying features of the Windows 10 OS. Visit OO-Software to download the free ShutUp10 program on your PC.


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