Milagrow technologies have launched a Redhawk 3.0 robot that can keep your home floor clean and sanitized. According to Milagrow, Redhawk 3.0 has broken several world records. This device includes a 1 liters capacity dustbin that can easily hold filth, pet hair and dust particles for several days. Thus, you don’t have to empty the bin every day.

This Milagrow robot features 35 centimeters brush which is larger than the 25 cm brush of black cat floor cleaner (its competitor).

The large brush ensures that Redhawk 3.0 covers a large surface area which in turn will save some power.

Milagrow redhawk 3

This robot is built using Milagrow’s 6th sense smart technology which ensures that user does not have to keep an eye on it all the time.

The user just has to start and forget about cleaning the room. Redhawk 3.0 will do its job well.

Milagrow Redhawk 3.0 robot can mop the floor. It features ultraviolet lighting system that will kill harmful bacteria, viruses. This is a good feature. It saves your money because you don’t have to buy disinfectants. UV light will completely sanitize your floors. Thus, if you have a toddler or kids at home, you don’t have to worry about floor hygiene.

If you’re suffering from dust particle allergy, hay fever or any other medical conditions, the Milagrow Redhawk 3 robot will keep dust pollen and other filth away from you when it is active. This is because of the fact that Redhawk features the powerful HEPA filter that can thrash particles having minimum 0.3 micrometers size.

Milagrow redhawk 3 robot

This Milagrow Robot is fitted with a 30 watts suction system that helps it keep your floor tidy. It supports self-charging. When the battery is about to drain completely, Redhawk will connect to the wireless charger automatically. If the charging signal is not in the range, the robot will find it by moving to some other place.

Redhawk 3.0 can be scheduled to clean or mop your house floor. This is a powerful and useful feature for people who travel a lot. This robot will keep the floor clean when you’re away from home.

Redhawk can detect obstacles in its way. When it detects an object in the path, this robot will back off and it will choose an alternative route for the target surface. It also has sensors to detect heights so that Redhawk doesn’t fall off.

This robot is suitable for hospitals, clinics, homes, schools and many more places. It costs Rs 25990. You can buy this device exclusively on the company’s website.

Source: Milagrow


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