Why we need to monitor Hypertension?

Hypertension, aka high blood pressure can be fatal. It can cause brain stroke, hemorrhage, aneurysm, or make a person suffer from heartache.

To make sure your blood pressure is in the normal range, you must avoid stress, reduce salt intake, practice meditation and exercise regularly. To know whether your efforts are paying off or not, you must monitor the blood pressure at regular intervals. Doctors don’t check BP for free. Depending on their location and experience, they can charge anything between 50 to 500 Rs as a fee.

Clinics of good doctors are always overcrowded. Why is it so? Well, according to WorldBank, there are 0.2 doctors per 1000 people. Even tough checking BP hardly takes a few minutes for a doctor, you’ll have to wait in the patient’s queue.

Frankly speaking, you don’t have to visit a nearby clinic to get your BP or pulse rate checked. As competition in the medical equipment industry has increased, blood pressure monitors have become cheap. Thus, you can check your BP at home.

A blood pressure monitor is a must-have device for an elderly citizen or a person suffering from a health condition.

If your body isn’t in a good state of health, you’ll be under stress. Stress is the main cause of elevated blood pressure in both adults and teenagers.

A blood pressure monitor costs within 1000 to 2000 Rs range. The price is nothing compared to hospital expenses that you may have to pay for treatment of hemorrhage, heart attack, stroke, etc. You can avoid these expenses by keeping yourself fit and monitoring the BP every day.

Best blood pressure monitors in India

Omron HEM-712O

Omron is a Japanese firm that has launched several health monitoring devices. Its HEM-7120 is one of the most accurate blood pressure monitors ever. This device can identify abnormal heartbeats. It requires 4 batteries to function. It can detect blood pressure up to 299 mm/Hg.

The monitor flaunts a large LCD display and has a button to start/turn off the device. It is automatic and fast. Apart from BP, you can check the pulse rate with this device. HEM-7120 remembers your previous BP and pulse rate so that you can compare new and old readings.

Dr. Trust USA Digital Smart Dual Language Talking Automatic Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Machine

Dr. Trust is an FDA approved US-based company that had launched the Silver Line blood pressure monitor last year in India. The device is automatic and reliable. It has a wide and durable cuff which can fit in any type of arm.

Dr. Trust Silver Line has a great design. It boasts a WHO indicator and has a big display. It detects irregular heartbeats and has built-in memory to save your pulse rate and BP.

The monitor displays the date and time. It features a low-battery indicator and requires 4 AA size batteries to work.

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Dr. Morepen BP02

BP02 is Dr. Morepen’s best-selling blood pressure monitor in India. It is a low-cost battery-operated device equipped with a liquid crystal display. It also provides a memory function. The minimum blood pressure that Dr. Morepen BP-11 can detect is 60 mm/Hg and the maximum is 260 mm/Hg.

It has a sleek design and it supports AA sized batteries. Like other blood pressure monitors, this device ships with a broad cuff. It enables users to see their pulse rate.

HealthSense BP-100

BP-100 is a top-rated device with which users can monitor their diastolic, systolic blood pressure and pulse rate. It features a 4 x 6 centimeters display. It has buttons to turn on the device and recall the previous readings. HealthSense BP-100 stores 90 readings of 2 different users. It has an alarm function that reminds users to check their blood pressure.

HS BP-100 supports voice commands and has a utility that reads the data displayed on the screen. This device features a USB port and it offers a wide cuff. It boasts an irregular heartbeat and body movement indicator.

Dr. Trust Goldine Talking Automatic Digital Bp Monitor Machine

Dr. Trust Goldine is a talking monitor that provides a 2.8 x 2.8 inch LCD display. It offers 3 display backlight colors. If your BP is normal, the screen color will be green. If it has increased slightly, the screen will turn yellow and if the BP is in danger level, the display color will be red.

Like the Silver Line monitor, this device features a WHO indicator. Dr. Trust Goldine Talking Monitor uses a smart algorithm to generate an accurate reading. Silver Line detects abnormal pulses and makes users aware of it. It also reads aloud the blood pressure and pulse rate. The device switches off automatically when the user isn’t using it.

Conclusion: If you’re worried about your aging parent’s health or if you’re a short-tempered person, buy Dr. Trust Silver Line/Goldine, Dr. Morepen BPOne, Omron HEM-7120, or HealthSense BP-100 to keep an eye on your blood pressure. These devices are as accurate as the mercury blood pressure machines that you’ll find in clinics and hospitals.

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