Developed by Kurt Zimmerman, HDCleaner is the latest PC cleaner software for the Windows OS. It is similar to CCleaner and a great alternative to premium system optimization tools.

HDCleaner has numerous features. It is currently in the beta stage of development. It has low storage and system memory requirements.

HDCleaner runs on 32-bit and 64-bit computers running on Windows XP and later OS. Its installer file’s size is 8 MB. Before installing the program, HD Cleaner’s installation wizard displays the list of following tasks:

  • Create a system restore point, start menu shortcut, desktop shortcut.
  • Launch program after installation, add HDCleaner to the Windows context menu.

The tasks are preselected and the program will execute them one by one. If you don’t want HDC to execute any of the above tasks, you can deselect it. The program enables users to change the default installation path.

HDCleaner 2017 features

Like other top system cleaner utilities, HDCleaner provides several features. Its main interface comprises of the following five tabs:

1) Dashboard

HDCleaner : PC Cleaner otpimizer

The dashboard interface of HDC displays the system health status, security, and network issues you must fix. It also shows the hard drive health status, the system booting/shutdown speed and basic details of your system.

2) Cleaning

The Cleaning tab gives you access to the following system utilities:

Registry cleaner: This utility will fix incorrect or corrupt registry entries.

Browser cleaner: If an application that allows users to install third-party plugins takes too much time to open on your PC, you should run this tool.

System cleaner: This tool lets you free up storage memory by removing empty folders, thumbnail caches, etc.

Plugin cleaner: This utility will help you in identifying corrupt browser plugins.

You can run the above four tools simultaneously by clicking on the Analyze button.

3) Optimize

Here, you’ll find several options to optimize the performance of the PC. HDCleaner improves the shutdown and boot speed of the PC by turning off unnecessary services. It shortens the waiting time for crashed or unresponsive programs.

The program makes Windows apps respond faster by disabling Windows animations. It lets you uninstall program, check hard disk errors, recover files that you’ve deleted recently, manage autorun tasks, etc

If your computer is equipped with an SSD, you can improve the SSD’s performance by running the HD Cleaner’s system optimizer tool.

During system optimization, HD Cleaner will tweak the processor clock speed. It will turn off the Dr. Watson crash reporting service and optimize the file system cache memory.

HDCleaner 2017

4) Live Tuning

Your PC may slow down when you’re using a resource intensive program such as video editor, Photoshop, IDE. Sometimes, these programs may become unresponsive forcing Windows to display the “Program is not responding” error. If the program doesn’t get back to the normal state, it will crash.

You can configure Live Tuner utility of HDCleaner to clean HDD and free up system memory when the system is running low on storage space or RAM.

5) All Functions

Here, you’ll find the list of all utilities of HDCleaner.

Other important tools and features provided by HDCleaner 2017 are as follows:

  • Duplicate file finder, Old DLL files remover.
  • Registry defragmenter, Disk wiper.
  • Option to disable personal data sharing with Windows.

Conclusion: HDCleaner does a commendable job of optimizing the Windows OS. It fixes registry issues, frees up system/storage memory, optimizes HDD and improves the boot time of the Windows operating system.

What I like about this program is that it displays an option to create a system restore point before executing optimization tasks. If anything goes during system optimization, the user can restore the PC to normal working state. Download HDC from the official website.


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