Just before launching the MIUI 8 for Redmi and MI phones, Mi Band 2 and a new Mi Max phablet, Xiaomi has introduced a new wearable device for kids. The wearable is a cute smartwatch which costs half the rate of popular security gadgets for children. The watch is labeled as Mi Bunny and it is priced below $50.

Mi Bunny is one of the most secure and advanced gadgets for the kids. Kids do not require any special training to use it. In an emergency, they simply have to press the power aka SOS button. Once the button is pressed, the watch will immediately detect the current location and within 8 seconds, it will send an alert to the parents.

If the kid is not able to press this button, parents can still detect the watch’s location by referring to the below data:

  • Kid’s location, activities, and routes.

The above information will be collected continuously for 90 days. Parents can go through it via the Mi Bunny App.

Location tracking is a useful feature. If the kid’s current position is within 1 or 2 kilometers range, the parents can quickly reach the place to pick him/her up else they can contact the police department. The location will be accurate as the Xiaomi Mi Bunny watch uses GPS as well as GLONASS navigation system to detect it.

mi bunny app

This smartwatch has a specially designed prepaid SIM card which doesn’t require any activation. The card will ship with 10 Yuan prepaid credit. You should be able to recharge it via Xiaomi website. It supports voice calling. Roaming is free. The owner will be charged 0.02 USD per minute when they’re communicating with their kids via a voice call.

If a data connection is active in this gadget, parents will be charged USD 0.02 for every megabyte of data transferred over the network. The data is encrypted. It will be saved locally on the storage hardware of the watch or online on the Xiaomi MI cloud platform.

The Xiaomi smartwatch for kids packs with a polymer gel 300 mAh battery. It offers around 144 hours of standby time. Its weight is just 38 grams.

mi bunny smartwatch

The watch features a safety area module. The parents have to configure this module so that they can get alerts when their kid is not in the safe zone. Safe areas can be a playground, school, friend’s house, neighborhood, etc. This is perhaps the most important security feature of the Xiaomi MI Bunny smartwatch.

This device can save up to 12 phone numbers of the kid’s family members. It has an app that allows one to one as well as group chat.

Xiaomi gps smartwatch for kids

Mi Bunny has an active matrix display which displays the time, notifications, etc. There’s anti-disturb mode in it. The watch features a silicone strap. It is waterproof, claims Xiaomi.

Mi Bunny is up for sale on Xiaomi’s official website for just $46 (Below 3000 Rs). As of now, it is available only in China.

Image Credits: Mi Forum


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