Whether you’re traveling or not, you should always have a GPS navigation app installed on your phone as you may never know when you’ll require it. GPS applications are useful in finding the shortest path to a destination, popular nearby places, the nearest bus stations, hospitals, banks, etc. These apps support voice command feature. Thus, users don’t have to type long words (places) every time while using it.

Navigation apps give you access to a map of a region of your choice. They can be lifesavers at certain times. If internet connection is not available, the app lets you access maps offline.

Users that use navigation apps don’t have to perform heroic tasks like Bear Grylls does in his Man Vs Wild show when they’ve lost the way while traveling. The Google play store has 100 of navigation apps for Android. Here’s the list of best GPS applications.

Top 5 Best navigation app 2017

6Sygic Navigation

Sygic is the most downloaded offline GPS app. It is a top-rated application that ensures a smooth traveling experience. Sygic works only when you download maps. The size of the maps is within 1.4 to 2.0 GB. This application doesn’t allow users to download maps of their country.

Sygic has 500+ million users. It provides a HUD which comes in handy when you’re traveling by car. It lets you share your route with other users. Sygic helps users in finding nearby parking space. It has the option to enable voice-based navigation system. Sygic makes users aware of places worth visiting. It can function as a dashcam.

Download Sygic 

5MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps (Navigator)

Like the above two Android GPS apps, Map Factor has millions of users. This app stores map to your SD card. When you run MapFactor on your phone, the app will display a list of countries along with the size of its map. You must select your country from this list and download the map.

Once you do so, you can access the MapFactor app offline. This app includes street map data of many countries. It gives you access to 2D as well as 3D maps.

Maps in MapFactor app are provided by the OpenStreetMap service. In addition, MapFactor enables you to download TomTom maps. The GPS app includes a smart voice guide function.

Download MapFactor

4Maps With Me (Maps.Me)

Maps With Me is a powerful Android GPS navigation app that can work in offline mode. Hence, you can use this app in places where mobile network isn’t available. When the location service is active on your phone, MWM app downloads maps of the current location automatically. The maps are small and they’re accurate.

Maps With Me application can display the best route to the destination. To find the route, you must enter the source, destination or select your traveling method i.e. car, walking, bus, train, etc. This app can display traffic data for your area. It can highlight nearby ATMs, free WiFi hotspots, parking area, shops, movie theaters, police stations and many other governments or private facilities on the map.

Maps With Me app allows users to bookmark their favorite locations. It lets you download maps of places you’re planning to visit.

Download Maps With Me

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Waze is the 2nd most downloaded GPS navigation app on our list. Along with basic navigation utilities, Waze comes with unique features like:

  • Finding friends who are traveling to the same destination as you.
  • Rewarding points for users who give details on route/path that Waze doesn’t show.

Waze lets you know about police checkpoints on your way. It can highlight the gas stations with the lowest tariffs on the map. The Waze app consumes less data as compared to other navigation apps on our list. To know full features, please go through our review of Waze app.

Google has recently bought the company behind this app. Thus, you should expect some new cool features in Waze in the coming months.

Download Waze

2Google Maps

Google Maps is the most popular navigation app for Android devices. This application enables you to download maps for offline access.

GMaps makes you aware of the nearby ATMs, gas stations, coffee houses, railway stations, restaurants, hospitals, etc. It will guide you to the destination by displaying safe and correct routes. Google Maps suggests the shortest route to a given destination. Thus, it also saves the time of the traveler.

This application lets you share locations with friends. It provides terrain and satellite view of the maps. Gmaps packs with plenty of cool features that will assist you when you’re traveling.

If a place you know is missing on Google Maps, you can improve send your feedback to the engineers working on the Google Maps project through the app.

Download Google Maps

Conclusion: If you’ve packed your bags and you’re ready to travel to your favorite holiday spot, don’t forget to install one of best GPS navigation apps we’ve mentioned above.

During an emergency, the apps will prove to be extremely useful. Also, carry a portable power bank along with so so that you can charge your mobile phone in case its battery runs out of juice. You can also install a battery saver app to improve battery backup of your device. Wish you a Happy and safe journey!

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