Reliance Industries subsidiary JIO Infocomm will introduce a new USB dongle to provide on-the-go users high-speed wireless internet connectivity. The JIO Dongle 2 comes fitted with 2 LEDs and it connects to the USB port of your PC or Laptop. It is similar to MTS MBlaze Ultra WiFi and other dongles available in the markets.

Contrary to other 3G and CDMA dongles available in India, JIO Dongle 2 will connect with 4G-LTE networks so that you can enjoy download speeds up to 50 Mbps. We can expect the dongle to have an SD card slot and autorun function which installs a dongle management software on the user’s PC.

The dongle doesn’t pack a battery. Its price would be Rs 1999. When launched, JIO Dongle 2 will be the best internet dongle in India. But the big question is will you be able to get it?

Reliance jio dongle 2 4G internet price India

You should be lucky to get JIO SIM card, Hotspot or the dongle

Today, I decided to get myself a Reliance JioFi device from the Reliance Digital Store. Over 100 people had queued in front of the store. One of the persons claimed that he was standing in the line since 10 am.

I saw excited people ready to lay their hands on the free JIO SIM card. The store opened at 11.00 AM and one of the salesmen told the crowd that the servers were not functioning. Hence, they couldn’t provide the SIM cards. What a waste of time! I learned from the watchman that the JIOFI hotspot router is not in stock. I left the place immediately. The city where I live in has 10 Reliance retail stores. I decided to try my luck at the nearest Digital Express Mini outlet. I saw over 50 people standing in front of the store.

SIM cards weren’t issued to the people as the servers were not working. I learned from one of the DIGI EX MINI store’s executive that JIO FI router wasn’t in stock. I left the place empty-handed.

JIO SIM cards and hotspot device are in a good demand. SIM cards are in surplus quantity but the hotspot isn’t available. Reliance stores will start selling the JIO Dongle 2 soon.

Like other JIO devices, the Dongle will have a huge number of potential buyers. It may bundle with the Welcome Offer. But will RJIL fulfill the demand of the people?

A good sign

Local mobile phone shops have begun to show Reliance JIO hoardings. Hence, the SIM cards might be available at Reliance partner local stores soon.

Image source: Twitter


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