Apple’s newest flagship handset has hit the online stores across the globe. The latest edition of iPhone is special because it has a different design than iPhone 8, 7 and 6. It also features Apple’s latest computing hardware and software.

Should you buy iPhone X?

Although there are plenty of phones with better specifications than Apple’s latest handset, iPhone X’s great design and powerful processor helps it in standing out from the crowd. The phone carries Apple A11 processor, which can execute 500+ Bn calculations per second. Right now, A11 is the most powerful processor. IPX features durable glass on the front and back side. Its parts are built with stainless steel.

The iPhones are known for their brilliant cameras which produce better quality images than Sony or LG sensor equipped high-end mobile phones. The cameras of the new iPhone offer 25+ features. The handset also supports optical image stabilization, which is like icing on a cake.

iPhone X has a new utility called Face ID which remembers the phone owner’s face. When the user tries to unlock their device, iPhone X will scan the face of the person with its TrueDepth camera. The device will be unlocked when the face matches with the one it has saved.

The iPhone also includes a special utility called Animoji that analyzes the face of the users and creates an emoji based on their facial expression.

iPhone X offers in India

When it comes to software, iPhone X runs on the latest IOS 11 operating system. It also includes Siri, the world’s most powerful personal assistant app. In addition to Siri, iPhone X ships with 10 accessibility tools.

iPhone X is no doubt a great device. If you want to save big bucks on the new iPhone, check out the below offers that companies have introduced for the consumers.

List of the best iPhone X offers


RJIL will provide 70% buyback amount to the users after 12 months. Users who own the Citi bank credit or debit cards will enjoy 10000 Rs cashback. It’s not clear whether the cashback will be a credited to the user’s account immediately or not, but the offer is good.

To avail the offer, the user must recharge their JIO number with Rs 799 every 28 days. During the 28 days period, you can make free unlimited high-definition voice or video calls and send unlimited text messages to the numbers in your contact list. If you can afford to buy an iPhone, Rs 799 is no big deal.

Apple has launched 2 variants of iPhone X in India for Rs 89000 and 102000 Rs respectively. The JIO iPhone X offer is applicable on both the handsets. Once you order your iPhone, Reliance Retail will handle the task of delivering the handset to the customer. You can prebook your iPhone X on the JIO website for Rs 2000. You can also visit Flipkart to buy the handset.

Users will enjoy 3GB data every day at 4G speeds. Once the user transfers 3GB data, the download speed will be throttled to 64 Kbps. No matter what phone you use, once users join JIO, they get access to premium JIO apps.


Like JIO, Airtel is offering freebies and cheap data plans to its customers. The company has also begun to offer mobile phones on a contract basis.

Last month, Airtel announced the iPhone 7 offer wherein customers can buy the iPhone 7 from the online Airtel Store for Rs 7777. Users buying this handset must subscribe to Airtel’s 2499 Rs postpaid plan for 2 years. The plan provides 30GB data and free unlimited voice calls.

Although Airtel hasn’t launched an offer for the iPhone X yet, it may launch a similar plan as JIO in the coming days.

Conclusion: Right now, RJIL is the only firm in India to offer the new iPhone on a contract basis. The JIO iPhone X offer is attractive. Airtel might follow the suite soon. We’ll update this article with the latest offers launched by telecom operators.


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