Pebble first came in the news in 2012 after unveiling its smartwatch project on Kickstarter. Tech enthusiasts loved the design and features of the device, and they didn’t hesitate to fund the project. Since then, Pebble hasn’t looked back.

Pebble’s journey has been remarkable since it began shipping smartwatches. Last year, the company was labeled as the 3rd largest smartwatch vendor. It is competing head-to-head with companies like Apple, LG Samsung. To generate more sales, Pebble has decided to launch its products in India. It has partnered with Amazon India for the same.

Earlier, the company was selling the devices through its official website. The customer had to pay additional taxes to get the watch delivered to their place. Now you can easily own a Pebble watch without paying customs duty or shipping charges.

Pebble has launched its classic watch along with two variants of its flagship Time smartwatches in India.

Classic is a low budget device which you can grab for just 5999 Rs. It features the Pebble timeline application which displays the history of notifications in chronological order.

Pebble classic price IndiaThis watch is compatible with mobile phones. Activate Bluetooth on the two devices to connect each other to get important notifications of emails, missed, social networks or incoming calls.

Pebble Classic gives you the power to control music playback on your favorite music applications without touching the handset. It uses e-paper black and white display and a battery which offers 120+ hours of backup. You can use it with a device running IOS 8 or Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

The other watches i.e. Pebble Time, Time Steel and Time round have some features in common. They have different design and price tag of Rs 9999, 16000 and 13500 respectively.

The 3 Pebble smartwatches have a color e-paper display. Activity and sleep tracking system come packed within them. You can go through your fitness reports with the Official Pebble health app that comes preinstalled in Time, Steel, and Round watches.

Pebble Time Steel watches comes with a Microphone module, LED backlit system along with 2.5D Glass and Pebble store, an app similar to the play store which gives users access to over 10000 applications. Round includes the same set of features, but it misses out the unique glass material which Time steel boasts.

The Time and Steel Pebble smartwatches are water resistant up to 90 feet. They should work in situations where the user has accidentally left the watch in the swimming pool or a bucket full of water.

Pebble Round has been certified with IPX7 rating for its water resistance ability. You can own it in Silver or Black color options. It is sleek and lightweight smartwatch for women.

Pebble time has a battery life of up to 168 hours whereas Pebble Time Steel will last for 15 days on a single charge. Time Round stores 48 hours of power. It gets charged faster than its siblings.

The four devices are being sold on Amazon India website. They don’t include touch support and heart rate tracker.


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