Wox is a new, powerful and open source launcher for Windows 10, XP, 8, 8.1 and 7 operating systems. Wox is incorporated with some useful functions which makes finding files and Windows applications faster and much easier.

Wox is an interesting service/application. It opens a large search box when you run it. The user must enter a query or the name of a file/application he wants to use in the box. The search field will display suggestions immediately after the user types a letter/keyword.

Wox Windows launcher supports various search engines. To search on Google, enter g followed by the search term and hit the enter key. Wox will invoke the default browser on your PC and it will open the result page for your query.

To use other search providers i.e. Microsoft Bing, DuckDuckGo, you should download and install the Wox plugins. This tool allows users to search for videos on YouTube.

wox launcher for Windows

Users can copy, cut and paste text in/from the search box by right clicking on any region of the UI. They can customize the appearance of Wox launcher to suit the current desktop wallpaper or theme. To do so, open the settings panel.

In Wox settings, you’ll find a tabbed UI with 5 tabs – general, plugin, theme, hotkey, proxy and about.

In general settings, you’ll be able to configure Wox’s behavior when Windows boots and when its UI looses focus. Wox can detect updates automatically. If you don’t want to be notified for the same, check don’t show upgrade option. You can change default UI language, specify Python directory, set maximum results to be shown through this panel.

The theme tab of settings panel has the option to switch from default dark theme to BlurBlack, BlurWhite, Gray, Light and Pink themes.

wox windows launcher themes

To add more features to Wox or disable some functions, navigate to the plugins tab. The plugin manager boasts over 45 extensions. You can disable a plugin with it.

This application displays plugin initialization time, action keywords, query time, etc. It comes installed with the below extensions:

  • Calculator for performing basic math operations.
  • Shell for executing Windows commands.
  • Color for previewing colors from their hex codes.
  • Everything Search feature for finding files locally.
  • Control panel for allowing search operation withing Windows CP.
  • System commands to turn off, restart, lock the PC from Wox.
  • URL for opening typed website’s address.

Wox Windows launcher allows hotkey configuration. Use this feature to access the search box when it has been hidden by the OS. This software includes proxy connection option. It is a great alternative to Launchy and Alfred.wox system commands

Because of its small size, I got a feeling that Wox might use up to 15 MB RAM. I was wrong. On my system, this launcher/desktop search tool used 50.1 MB RAM.

Wox threw null pointer expectations when I tried to open the app through its desktop shortcut. The same error was reported when I tried to run Windows application suggested by Wox after entering the app’s name in the search field.

The Windows setup file and source code of Wox launcher for Windows is available for download on Github. If you’re a developer, you can improve or add new code to make it a better application. You can also develop and publish new plugins for this tool.


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