Windows OS comes with power saving features for laptops as well as desktop computers in the form of power and sleep settings tool. With this tool, users can configure the OS to turn off the display when the system is idle.

On desktop computers, Windows OS will display a screen saver by default. It will not switch the screen off. This wastes energy. I’ve been using Windows 10 laptop, but I haven’t seen a screensaver yet.

Screensavers can be easily disabled on a PC, but many users don’t bother to do this or they don’t know how to do so. If you fall into the latter category, download MPowerSaver zip file, extract the main executable file and run it. There’s no need to install the program nor you have to accept any terms and conditions.

Monitor Power Saver is a small and portable program which has been designed to save electricity wasted by the computer when it displays screen saver or remains idle for a long duration. The best feature of MPS is that it can turn off the screen when the user locks his system.

mpowersaver energy saver windows downloadThe program makes sure that the monitor is powered off when the user is not using the system. It runs in the background to check whether the user is using the keyboard or the trackpad/mouse.

If MPowerSaver doesn’t detect user activity, it will switch the monitor off. Restoring the desktop is an easy task. Just hit any key of the keyboard to resume your work.

The best thing about Monitor Power Saver program is that it supports multiple monitors. No matter how many displays you have connected to your system, the MPowerSaver will always work. This application will save a lot of money for you if you keep it running on your Windows PC.

mpowersaver hotkeyMPowerSaver runs as a Windows service by default. You can disable the auto start functionality of this program through its general settings panel.

Being a lightweight program, MPowersaver will not affect other services running on your PC. Thus, the user should ignore this option.

This application will turn off the monitor immediately when Windows runs the screensaver service. It has the option to lock and switch the display off when the system is inactive for n minutes.

mpowersaver advance settingsUsers are allowed to turn on the hotkey feature of MPowersSaver to execute its main task. You can schedule Windows OS to sleep or hibernate on any day/days of the week at a specific time.

Conclusion: If you’re searching for an energy saving tool for Windows, download MPowerSaver as it will serve you well. It comes with predefined settings. Thus, the configuration is not required. If you don’t like this program, terminate the service from its Windows taskbar entry and delete the ZIP file.


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