If you’re a fitness freak or if your girlfriend or wife has requested to shed your weight, the latest app called Nike plus training club can be of great use to you. This software for Android comes with the social network like features. You can add friends, change profile picture or upload photos to your account. But more importantly, Nike+ training club functions like a personal trainer that not only suggests you the best exercises, but it also makes you aware of the calories you’ve burnt during a workout.

Nike+ Training Club app review

Just like all other Android apps, you should use the Google play store to install Nike+ Training club on your phone. The setup file size is 25 MB. So make sure that your phone has an access to a fast internet connection.

Once you run this app, you’ll be prompted to create a Nike account. Please note that the Nike+ Training app is for both the genders, male, and females. Anyways, once you’re account has been activated, log into the app. You’ll see a gray color interface with 2 contextual menus.

The menu on the left-hand side includes a link to your Nike profile, workouts, programs, inbox and sports feed. The right side menu has settings, guide, and a logout option. On the main screen, you’ll see a milestone window and find workout and favorites buttons.

Click on the find workouts button to have a look at exercises that will make you more focused, strong, toned or lean. There are more than 90 workouts that are split into 3 levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each level includes its own set of exercises.

When you select your workout, Nike+ Training club will load a new frame that includes a music icon, favorite button, workout duration, NikeFuel and calories the workout will help you burn. The frame also displays the exercise equipment you should have.

To check the workout positions, click on the list icon. The image/posters that you see in the exercise positions are fetched from the internet. The photos are in HD format and they’re not downloaded to your phone.

Your profile’s workout and NikeFuel fields are updated only when you create a program. To create one, open the program page and add all exercise you want to try out.

Download Nike+ Training Club app for Android or iPhone

In sports feed page, you’ll see images of popular athletes (for inspiration) and their tips to stay healthier. You are allowed to comment on the photos. You can also visit the profile of other users by simply clicking on their names.

If you want to read messages sent by your friends or notifications, navigate to the inbox page. If you want to keep your friend list private or disable push notifications, activate Nike running feature, visit the settings page.


  • Over 100 complete workouts.
  • Good navigation.
  • Workout data is stored online.
  • You can interact with other fitness enthusiasts.


  • Heavy images that will take some time to load when you use this app with GPRS connection.
  • Workout positions are not downloaded to the phone storage.
  • The tutorial/guide is incomplete. Features are not explained well.


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