Last month (1st of September to be precise), the ex-employees of some top companies (now the founder of Nextbit startup) had successfully raised a million dollars through Kickstarter for their cloud technology based Android phone named Robin.

This smartphone is now officially available for preorder on Nextbit’s website for 400 dollars (25000 Rupees). If you want to buy it, you may have to spend extra money to get the handset delivered at your place. In other words, shipping is not free.

Nextbit Robin has been designed in such a way that your media content and unused applications will be uploaded to the cloud storage whenever the phone is connected to a WiFi network.

When the phone is continuously transferring data via WiFi connection, the browsing speed may slow down, or videos will buffer when you try to play them in YouTube app or website. Thus, it would be interesting to see whether other processes are affected when Nextbit Robin is transferring files to the cloud platform.

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Before uploading any app, video or picture, Nextbit Robin will create its shortcut on the home screen. To get your content back, just enable the WiFi connection and tap on its shortcut. This is a cool feature. As of now, no Android device includes it.

Cloud technology integration ensures that the performance of the phone is not affected by useless and unused video, picture files and applications.

In other Android mobiles, the user must install and use Du booster, clean master or 360 security app to get rid of unused data. These apps will delete your data permanently. Thus, you will have to create a backup of the files before running any disk cleaner tool. Nextbit robin users may not need these applications.

All phones with the fingerprint sensor have the sensor at their back side. In Nextbit, it is integrated with the power button. To unlock the smartphone, press this button and keep your finger touched with it for a few seconds.

Nextbit Robin cloud technology based phone

NextBit Robin allows you to use Google’s 2-factor authentication technology efficiently. WiFi networks are always a victim of eavesdropping and hacking. Data in this handset is transferred over a highly secured channel. Thus, it will be difficult for a third person to read your data.

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Nextbit Robin boasts a stereo speaker aligned to the right of a 5 megapixels camera at the front. It also features speaker just below the home button (navigation system).

Nextbit Robin 2

Snapdragon 808 hexacore Qualcomm processor powers the Nextbit robin. The phone offers you 100GB of cloud storage space at no extra costs. It has 32GB ROM (onboard internal storage). Nexbit Robin packs with a 2680 mAh capacity battery and 3GB RAM. It comes with PDAF system supporting 13 megapixels camera along with the powerful two tone flash system.

This 3GB RAM Android phone flaunts cloud logo below its back camera. Its bootloader is unlocked, and Robin supports open source technology. Thus, third-party ROM lovers will be able to run CyanogenMod or any other Android variant quickly.

nextbit robin back camera and logo

Nexbit Robin includes a 5.2 inches FHD display, powerful graphics chip and Gorilla 4 Corning glass protection. It is enabled with fast charging module, NFC, 4G-LTE and latest WiFi standards (N/AC/G). Follow this link to pre-order this phone.

Nexbit Robin is a unique device but will it be as popular as OnePlus One? What do you think?


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