Handsets running on the latest mobile phone operating system come with Bluetooth and WiFi modules. These two technologies allow us to send file wirelessly to mobiles or tablets on the same network. Bluetooth’s network range is 30 to 35 feet. 2 WiFi devices can be connected with each other if they’re in 20 – 25-meter range.

If you want to share a file with a phone located at a distance of more than 200 meters, you must use a cloud storage platform like Google Drive. If you send a file wirelessly in a local network, you’ll have to follow the below steps:

  • Activate WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • Pair the other device with your phone.
  • Open the folder that contains files that you want to share.
  • Mark, it as selected.
  • Use the menu option to send it.

The most frustrating part in the above steps is that you’ve to send files one by one. To avoid frustration, you can install the below apps that use WiFi technology to transfer files.

Note: Last two applications on this list are for IOS running devices.

Best File Transfer App for Android and iPhone

1WiFi File Transfer

If you want to move files from the laptop, PC to Android tablet or phone, then this app will make your work easy. This application supports bulk download and upload operations. It can run as a background service. You can use the free WiFi File transfer app to get access to files stored on SD cards of other mobiles.

Download WiFi File Transfer app here.

2Bluetooth File Transfer

BFT is a smart Wireless transfer app that works with all types of Bluetooth installed Android devices. It can unhide, extract, archive or hide files of any format.

The app allows you to edit contact files stored in VCF format. It comes with a utility to check the presence of a file in an archive. It can quickly calculate CRC32 or MD5 checksum of a ZIP, ZGIP, TAR archives.

Download Bluetooth File transfers app here.

3iShare app for iPhone

This is a free app for Apple iPhone and iPad. It allows you to share contacts, images between 2 IOS 3.1+ devices. Its IApp installer file size is 1.8 MB. Thus, you should try it out. Using iShare is not a rocket science. Once iShare main window appears on your screen, you just have to select files which you want to transfer. Then, you must tap on the send button.

Download link

4AirforShare app

This is a cool IOS app. It can transfer files of 5MB or lesser size, notes, and links between 2 WiFi devices. This application runs only on IOS 4.3 and higher version OS powered phones. If you share any data via this software, your data will be accessible to other devices (in the same network) for 30 minutes. To enable sharing, users will have to

  1. Open the official website.
  2. Upload files to share.
  3. Open AirforShare app.

This app’s installer file has a size of 14 megabytes.

Download link

Sending files through over a Bluetooth connection is frustrating. For sending files faster to a device nearby you, consider using the above apps on your iPhone or Android mobile device. These applications are free. They work like a charm.



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