The Android OS is based on Linux, one of the most secure operating systems in the world. In Linux, the admin is a root user. This user has the permission to modify all files and features of the OS. He can change the source code of critical applications and many other important files provided the user has a strong knowledge of shell programming, Unix, and C. When you install Linux; the installer will automatically create the root user.

As Android is based on this operating system, it has a root user too. But the phone owners don’t have access to it.

Rooting your Android phone will unlock some cool new features. You will be able to overclock CPU, GPU, create a full Android backup, flash IMG files, etc. There are some useful apps on the play store that requires root access. If you want to flash a Custom ROM like CyanogenMod, AOKP, AOSP, then you must root your handset.

Today, we’re sharing a simple tutorial to root any Android phone on one or two clicks. The tutorial requires you to install and download the free Kingo Root software for Windows. You’ll also need a USB cable.

Kingo root review : root Android from PC

For security reasons, the phone manufacturers don’t allow the users to modify system files directly. They will void the warranty of your phone when you root it. Thus, follow the below tutorial at your risk.

Kingo root will ask you to enable USB debugging on your phone. To do so, the user will have to enable this feature by navigating to the developer options tool in Android settings.

Kingo usb debugging

When this mode has been enabled, your phone will display a popup with a message to allow USB debugging from the PC. The popup has two buttons, accept and decline. It also shows your computer’s RSA fingerprint.

Tap on the accept button on the phone. The software will now install an ADB shell driver on your mobile device. After the shell module has been installed, Kingo root app will be installed on the handset. The user now has the root access, and the Kingo app will allow you to grant root permissions to any app of your choice.

kingo root notification

Kingo software for PC is easy to use. When you run it, the software will display a message to connect the mobile device to the computer. Kingo Root will automatically detect the phone model number and manufacturer. If a device is supported, an error message will not be displayed else you’ll have to use some other method to root your handset.

This software can generate a log file that contains useful details like errors and warnings reported during the rooting process. You can use it in Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, English and French languages.

Note: Be careful while you install apps from non-Google web sites. Your privacy and security will be at risk if you download and install a malicious app. If you’re downloading apps from sites other than the Google Play Store, make sure that you install a good Android antivirus app on your device. Frankly speaking, you don’t have to visit other sites as the Play store has several Android applications that work only on rooted phones and tablets.

My Verdict

Kingo software was able to install ADB as well as its root app on my phone. It didn’t throw any errors while I was using it. Kingo didn’t use a lot of RAM on my laptop. It is fast.

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