Some videos uploaded on Facebook, YouTube may strike a chord in your heart and you might want to watch them later. It is against the terms and conditions of YouTube to download videos using a third party program.

Many users don’t know that when they play a video online, the websites will try to catch the video on your PC so that it doesn’t have to transfer the same file again when the user requests it.

The cached videos are stored in a folder which is not easy to locate. In such cases, the Nirsoft VideoCacheView program comes in handy.

The VideoCacheView is a portable freeware that scans your PC to find cached media files immediately after you run it.

videocacheview download

The program will scan a lot of folders. Hence, it will take some time to update the panel with a list of cached media files. If you think that VideoCacheView is taking a very long time to complete this task, there’s a stop button to cancel the search operation.

When the scanner is running, you’ll not be able to use the other features of the VideoCacheView program. After it finishes the task, this video cache viewer from Nirsoft will display a list of cached files the process has found. It will display the below details of each file:

  • Name, content type, in Cache or nor.
  • Download URL, title, browser, cache type.
  • Last accessed date and modified date.
  • File size in kilobytes, original name.
  • Full path, split files count, your IP address.

For checking additional details, right click on the file name and select the properties option. If you do so, you’ll notice that the program allows users to play the selected file or copy it to some other location.

If you choose the play option, the program will prompt you to open the video, picture or audio file with a third party software or the default Windows media player.

While testing the program, I tried to open the cached file with Microsoft Groove music player and VLC. Groove was not able to open the file, but VLC was able to play it.

In Nirsoft VideoCacheView, the user can export the details of the selected item to a text file.

videocacheview advanced options

The program supports audio, video, noncached, SWF and picture files. It has an advanced options tool where you can specify the location of cache folders for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome browsers. You can configure it to scan the temporary windows folder.

This cache viewer application from Nirsoft allows you to generate an HTML report for the items it has found. It has an option to merge split video files.

Note: The cache files may expire or will be deleted automatically from the PC after a specific time period. To make sure that you don’t lose the file, use the Nirsoft VideoCacheView to copy it somewhere else.

Conclusion: VideoCacheView is a simple, but powerful program. It supports FLV, Flash, MP4, AVI and many other latest file formats. It not only helps you in exploring the cached media content but also allows you to clean junk files saved by FB, YouTube, DailyMotion and other video streaming websites.


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