Premium or paid applications will not work unless you activate them by entering a valid license key.

There are some companies that allow you to download a product immediately after you buy it. The company will also email the product license details to your inbox.

In most of the cases, you’ll get a software installation disk and a key printed on a piece of a paper. If you’ll lose the paper, you’ll not be able to enable or install the software unless the customer support of the company is ready to help you out.

If the key printed on a paper has been lost, you’ll have to be careful while installing the OS because your applications will be completely erased if you decide to format the partition in which the program has been installed.

Instead of reinstalling the OS, upgrade it with the Windows update manager tool or use the LicenseCrawler software to back up the registry keys before running the Windows OS uninstaller. Before updating the PC, make sure that the program is compatible with your new OS.

Getting started with the License Crawler program

LicenseCrawler program ships in a 1.6 megabytes zip file which can be downloaded from the developer’s official website. Extract the contents of the ZIP package and locate the executable file. Run the EXE as an Administrator else the program will display error 339 mscomctl.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registered error.

The LicenseCrawler program will now display a small window with the program’s license information and 3 buttons. The window will request you to click on one of the three buttons. This feature makes sure that an automated tool or software is not able to use the software or read the license keys displayed by it. This window will appear each time you run the free version of LC. To get rid of it, upgrade to the pro version.

license crawler download

Once you click on the correct button, LicenseCrawler will open its main window. The window has a menubar with 4 menus, file, tools, batch processing, and help. Below this bar, you’ll find a configuration panel in which you should select a computer name and Microsoft windows registry path where the key might be stored. The panel has an option to enable 64 bit or high-speed scan function and enable the blacklist/whitelist filters.

Below the panel, the LicenseCrawlers boasts a large text area which gets populated with the keys it has found. To begin the search operation, the user should click on start search button.

Once the scan operation is complete, click on the file menu and select save encrypted option to back up the keys to a folder of your choice. If you do so, the program will save your license keys in an encrypted password protected file.

download licensecrawler to backup and recover software license keys

To recover the keys, select the file menu, click on load option, locate the file in which encrypted keys have been stored. You’ll be prompted to enter a password. If you don’t wish to save a file in an encrypted format, LicenseCrawler has a function to save your product keys in a plain text file.

LicenseCrawler has an option to save the current settings. It supports more than 10 different languages. It comes with an encoder/decoder module.

LicenseCrawler is a powerful registry scanner. To ensure that you have all the required license keys at your disposal, use this software before removing any application or updating the operating system.


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