disCoverJ is a new open source and cross-platform software that allows you to play with the cover files of sound files. Although there are plenty of cover editor utilities, the one thing that helps DCJ in standing out from the crowd is its simple UI which makes replacing and adding covers an easy task.

When you install and run disCoverJ , you will see a small window which requests you to locate the song files. This Window supports drag-drop feature. Hence, you can drag the files onto it.

Once the disCoverJ program identifies the file, it will update the main Window with the file’s information.

disCoverJ freeware : add cover to MP3, MP4, FLAC, WMA files

The main interface of disCoverJ is partitioned into the below five sections:

Total files: Here, you will find the number of:

  • Files the folder you have selected has.
  • Files with and without a cover.

Audio list: In this section, the program shows a list of sound files it has found in the user specified folder.

Information: This section displays the below important details of an audio file:

  • Filename, artist, title.
  • The Album name, cover.

Services: This is the most important section. Here, you will see a list of the below music services supported by disCoverJ.

  • iTunes, Deezer, Spotify.
  • Discogs, Gracenote, Amazon.
  • Microsoft Bing, Google.

The program will the query the sites mentioned above to find cover photos.

Preview: Here, the disCoverJ program displays the cover photo of a sound file in a larger format.

How to add cover with DCJ?

Click on the big search icon with the orange background to make disCoverJ find the cover art for the sound files. When it finds one, the program will replace the cover art of the files automatically.

disCoverJ has the option of adding covers offline. It allows you to remove an existing cover of an MP3 file.

The program supports batch operations. Hence, you can add a cover for many MP3s at a given time.

disCoverJ settings

DCJ has a settings panel where you can configure the below options:

  • Overwrite the existing cover.
  • Download cover photos only of HD quality with a specific resolution.
  • Change search engine order.
  • Modify the default search timeout value.
  • Change search patterns for Google, Bing, Amazon, Discogs, and other services.
  • Enable proxy support.

Apart from the regular MP3 files, DCJ can add covers to MP4, WMA, FLAC, M4A format files.

disCoverJ’s setup file is available for download in .exe, .dmg, .sh, .tar.gz formats. It is compatible with MAC, Windows, and Linux OS.

The program’s executable loads a JAR file when the user clicks on it. Hence, you must install the Java Runtime Environment for using DCJ. The user can download the code and executables from

disCoverJ consumes 11 megabytes of HDD memory. It requires internet access and a small amount of RAM.

Conclusion: DCJ is a robust tool. If you want to replace or add covers to a bulk of music files stored on your PC, make sure that you install and use DCJ.


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