Malwarebytes has launched the beta edition of its first ever free anti ransomware software. The application has been released for the use on Windows computers. According to the company, the MBAR software can eliminate dreadful Ransomware like Tesla, CryptoWall 4 and others.

If you’re interested in trying out the latest product from MalwareBytes, visit this forum to download the MBAR setup file. I installed and tested the application on my laptop. Here’s my feedback (review) on the same.

According to the installer, the Malwarebytes Anti Ransomware application requires 0.8 MB space, but it took around 62 MB storage memory after installation.

The software has three sections aka tools i.e., dashboard, quarantine, and exclusions. The 1st section displays the license information and the system protection status. It has about and feedback buttons for displaying the details of the software or reporting a bug to the developers at Malwarebytes.

MalwareBytes Anti Ransomware software free download dashboard

Users who are testing the beta version should use the feedback feature to report bugs and warnings reported by the software. They can report false positives as well.

The anti ransomware software comes with a real-time protection module. The user has to activate this feature manually by click on the start protection button. There’s no option to scan the PC or a specific folder manually. The software failed to activate the free or trial license on my laptop.

The Quarantine window displays a list of threats detected and killed by the application. If you think that MBAR has added a safe program to the quarantine list, you can restore the program. This window has a delete and delete all button. To eliminate a threat, select it from the list and click on the 1st button. To remove the list, click on the other button.

Mbar Quarantine Ransomware

The window displays the below useful information:

  • Threat name and the date on which it was detected.
  • Type.
  • Location or Path to the ransomware.

The exclusions window allows the user to add executable files that Malwarebytes Anti Ransomware might find as threats. This feature is useful only for the developers who write Windows programs.

Mbar exclusions

Average users will find it useful when the application repeatedly adds an executable to the quarantine. This window features three important buttons i.e., clear exclusions, add and remove. The name of buttons explains their functionality.

On Windows 10 running computers, the user must run the Malwarebytes Anti Ransomware application as an administrator else they’ll not be able to access the main window.

My Verdict:

The new and free software product from MalwareBytes is easy to handle, but its core features need some improvement. A file scanning module should be added so that the user can search for ransomware on external USB storage devices.


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